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ITZY encourage the children with special event in collab with World Vision

The sweet members  of ITZY spent a day with children that are dreaming to become Idols. This is what the girls did to encourage them.

ITZY has a short but successful career. In 2019 these beautiful ladies took the stage to show the world flawless choreographies. The synchronization of all the members is unbelievable. They move like they are just one mind controlling every single step.

The massive popularity of the group is the result of their hard work. As you may know, the K-Pop Idols spent a lot of their teenage  days at the practice room. 

Just like everyone else in the industry, the singer of "In The Morning" put a lot of effort in order to achieve their dream of debut as Idols. Despite their short time working in music, for sure the talented artists have too much to share with the younger generation.

ITZY for 'In The Morning' / By @ITZYofficial

ITZY worked as a mentor for kids who want to be Idols

On May 16 the members of ITZY spent a day mentoring 20 children. The global organization World Vision held the event "ITZY Dream Day". The purpose was to support those kids who are dreaming to have a music career. The Idols said about it:

It was a meaningful time, and we will continue to support our friends.

World Vision's event / By @chwaeI

Apparently the members had a good time answering the questions and giving some advice to the kids. Everyone in the room tried to learn the dance point of "DALLA DALLA" and "WANNABE".

World Vision is an organization that creates projects to help the children that are living in vulnerable situations. It works wint volunteers from all over the world who can support this type of activity.

There is no doubt that ITZY members can have positive advice for the kids. They even prepared a program for the encounter. They are lovely!

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