ITZY is ready for its comeback and World Tour ITZY is ready for its comeback and World Tour

ITZY announces comeback and world tour with CHECKMATE, this will be their next album

ITZY is all set to take over the world and stages with new music from 'CHECKMATE', this is all you should know about their comeback and world tour

MIDZY from all over the world will be able to enjoy ITZY in their upcoming comeback and world tour, the girl group will bring big surprises with 'CHECKMATE'.

ITZY is one of the most relevant K-Pop groups at the moment. It is a 5-member girl group that debuted in February 2019 under JYP Entertainment and has been captivating millions of fans around the world ever since. These idols are extremely talented.

Over time, ITZY's fame and popularity has grown, as has their MIDZY fandom. Today we find fans of this idol group in any part of the world, people who show all their love and support for these idols and in each comeback it is shown that there is much more that we can enjoy from these K-Pop stars.

This time, ITZY has surprised all their fans because they will soon have a new comeback, new songs will be added for fans to the already classic 'Dalla Dalla', 'Mafia In The Morning' or 'Wannabe' with which they have conquered the public who has quickly become fans of the group.

'CHECKMATE' is ITZY's next album that will not only bring the girl group's comeback but also the band's world tour has been announced, do you have everything ready?

CHECKMATE will bring a big comeback and world tour for ITZY, will they come to your city with this new album?

ITZY released the schedule of activities for their upcoming comeback with 'CHECKMATE' and it includes not only teasers, previews and album release day, but also the girl group's first world tour dates with this upcoming CD. For now there are only dates for Korea and the United States in cities such as Seoul, Los Angeles and Houston.

ITZY's comeback and world tour with CHECKMATE | Twitter: @jypnation

We are totally shocked, the ITZY world tour will start in August, but will continue until October, so we will be on the lookout for ticket sales and others to be able to attend this world tour.

When will ITZY comeback with CHECKMATE?

Before the world tour, ITZY's comeback with CHECKMATE is scheduled for next July 15, 2022, so we still have to wait a month and a half to hear the new music of this amazing girl group. In these days the pre-sale will start, surely and soon we will have more teasers of the idols.

CHECKMATE will be released on July 15 | Twitter: @midcys

So we will keep a close eye on everything ITZY releases and we can't wait to see them on tour, MIDZY from Korea and the US will be able to see them, for now, but we hope there will be many more dates for Europe, Latin America, Asia and really everything. the world.

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