Hyungwon starts with quearantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19 Hyungwon starts with quearantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19

Hyungwon tests positive for COVID-19 and MONSTA X postpones its comeback

MONSTA X's Hyungwon was diagnosed with COVID-19 and the group's comeback date is postponed for the idol to recover

MONSTA X's Hyungwon begins the quarantine to recover, the idol has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and his group decided to postpone the comeback so that he can be well.

Even though the pandemic is not over yet, many K-Pop groups have continued to work hard and have comebacks and other activities. For MONSTA X it was no exception, the idols have been working with the necessary sanitary measures so as not to get sick and continue with their work.

During these 2 years of contingency, MONSTA X has had various activities, although there have also been some scares related to the disease a couple of times. It especially happened to Hyungwon, who acted in the K-Drama 'Fly AGain' who stopped his recordings as one of the staffs fell ill and they all self-quarantined.

Chae Hyungwon and the other members of MX continued to work, the aforementioned and Joohoney are MCs on Idol Radio and there they meet other artists without forgetting the sanitary measures. It seemed like everything was going well with them and even the idol group is already all set for their upcoming comeback with 'Shape Of Love'.

But we'll have to wait longer for 'Shape Of Love', as Hyungwon was diagnosed with COVID-19 and started his recovery, his fellow members decided to postpone the comeback for Wonnie to fully recover.

MONSTA X's Hyungwon is diagnosed with COVID-19, how is his health status now?

Starship Entertainment released a detailed statement regarding the health status of MONSTA X member Hyungwon who was diagnosed with COVID-19. Later, Hyungwon went to FanCafe to leave a message for MONBEBE, as he knew his fans would worry about his health.

I went to the hospital, took medicine and slept well, so I got a lot better... I'll get better soon and show you a good performance

Hyungwon on FanCafe | Twitter: @HyungwonThings

 Today's Idol Radio broadcast had to be canceled as Jooheon had a schedule to keep and Hyungwon started his recovery. We hope he feels better soon and can go back to work normally, take care Hyungwon.

Until when was MONSTA X's comeback postponed?

The date until which MONSTA X's comeback will be postponed has not been announced yet, but it may be a week later than what was scheduled, but it will definitely not be April 11, 2022, but MONBEBE will wait so that Hyungwon can be well.

MONSTA X comeback is postponed | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

We wait for more details as we send Hyungwon best wishes in his recovery, as well as MONBEBE who is already in charge of sending good messages to the idol.

While we wait for MONSTA X's comeback, get to know the songs featured in Shape Of Love, this is its tracklist with a secret message. 

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