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HyunA is coming back! This is everything you should know about 'Nabillera'

HyunA is ready to rock the stage with her new single "Nabillera". When will it be released?  

Named one of the most unique Korean female music acts. Yes, we are talking about HyunA. The gorgeous singer has been working in the industry for many years. With 4MINUTE, Trouble Maker, Triple H, or as soloists, she conquered the global public with her powerful charisma.

The singer of "I'm Not Cool" is famous for her eccentric style. Also, we have to mention her sexy and confident stage presence. She easily drives crazy the biggest crowns. Her experience cannot lie, she is a wonderful performer.

P Nation announces HyunA's comeback / Twitter @OfficialPnation

Her latest solo project was released in 2021. Finally, after more than one year the legendary artist is coming back with "Nabillera". Are you ready for this new single? We are telling you everything you need to know about it.

HyunA is coming back with the single "Nabillera"

On July 12th P Nation confirmed the comeback date of HyunA. The singer will drop a new single on July 20th. Just a few hours later, the label dropped an interesting concept to reveal the title: Nabillera.

HyunA for ' Nabillera' / Twitter @OfficialPnation

In this picture, we see HyunA wearing casual clothes but with a unique accessory, angel wings. She is in a kitchen and we cannot see her face. Anyways, the message written on the photo is showing us know more about the concept for this single.

I fly like a butterfly and land on you. Leave traces of me everywhere. Let me turn you on right.

It sounds great, right? It seems like this might be a love song. As usual, the vision of this artist is very unique. As you may know, she is engaged with the rapper DAWN and he just dropped a cheerful love song about the relationship. Is HyunA doing tha same?

HyunA has nothing to offer but quality, there are high expectations about her new music. We can't wait to listen to this track! We just have to wait a little bit more for it. Meanwhile, check here some of her greatest songs. She uses the most interesting concepts.

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