HyunA and Dawn 2021 HyunA and Dawn 2021

HyunA and Dawn: everything you need to know about the K-pop power couple!

The two lovebirds started dating in secret in May 2016. They are deeply in love with each other and do not shy away from showing their affection on-screen. Known as the K-pop ‘Power Couple’, the idol stars were initially slammed by fans for having revealed that the two were dating, but the couple pulled through it all at the end. How did the two idols meet? Who confessed first? Read ahead to find out!

  • HyunA is a K-pop soloist under the entertainment company P Nation.
  • She is a former member of K-pop girl groups 'Wonder Girls' and '4Minute'.
  • Dawn is also a K-pop soloist under P Nation.
  • The idol star was formerly a member of the K-pop boy band Pentagon under Cube Entertainment. 
HyunA and Dawn on a photoshoot

K-pop idols have a difficult life: from diet restrictions to dating bans, our beloved idols go through many challenges to maintain their public image. However, there are a couple of idol stars who have been brave enough to defy all the rules and date freely. Two of these are HyunA and E’Dawn.

How did the two idols meet?
HyunA met Dawn while he was still a trainee under Cube Entertainment. According to HyunA, she hinted at her feelings multiple times but Dawn remained clueless. Her feelings were one-sided initially, and she had wanted to wait for Dawn until he was ready to date. In the end, she was the first one to confess her feelings. Dawn told her that he liked her back. The K-pop star has stated about her:

I knew she meant she would hold things off until I’m ready to date her once I debut and build my career, but I was already ready. I didn’t want to waste the time. I wanted to make things official right away,”

Triple H, HyunA and Dawn grow closer

In 2017 Cube Entertainment put HyunA and two members of boy-group Pentagon Dawn and Hui together in a co-ed group. The group was named ‘Triple H’ after the initials of the first names of the members. The group released 2 extended plays until 2018. During this part of their careers, HyunA and Dawn grew closer to one another. In an ASMR video during promotion for their single ‘Retro Future’, HyunA chose Dawn over Hui multiple times. She even picked the same preferences as her boyfriend. Moreover, in the variety show ‘Lipstick Prince’ both Hui and Dawn were in charge of glamming HyunA up with makeup. But Dawn made cute comments saying how Hyuna was already very pretty and didn’t need any makeup. HyunA sure was blushing! In yet another show, HyunA and Dawn rode a roller coaster together. Looking as adorable as ever, Dawn lovingly took care of HyunA during the entire ride. We could see Hui smiling at the two as he third-wheeled behind the couple!

Announcement of relationship and termination of contracts

HyunA and Dawn at their joint showcase under P-Nation

After successfully promoting with Triple H and having produced hit title tracks, HyunA and Dawn publicly announced for the first time that they were dating in August 2018. The couple were promoting ‘Retro Future’ by Triple H during the time. The two were surrounded by dating rumors for quite some time and they openly discussed their affection for each other. They stated that they wanted to be honest about their lives as well as their relationship with each other to their fans.

Our decision to open up about our relationship was to be honest in front of those who support us. - HyunA.

This announcement caused chaos amongst the fans of both HyunA as well as Pentagon. HyunA and Dawn apologized on their personal SNS accounts whilst thanking fans for their support. With dating between K-pop idols being a very sensitive topic, Cube Entertainment abandoned the two idols, which led to the termination of their contracts in October 2018.

P Nation and present day: Love is in the air

HyunA and Dawn for Grazia Magazine in 2020

In 2019, both the idols signed with PSY’s new label P Nation. Both HyunA and Dawn re-debuted under their new entertainment agency in November 2019. Both stars even had their debut showcase together. Since then, the couple has been very open about their relationship. They have been to several variety shows together anddiscussed their bond. HyunA has called Dawn her ‘biggest support system’ and speaks very affectionately of him.

We’ve been dating for five years now, but I’ve liked him for even longer.”

Both HyunA and Dawn regularly update their Instagram with super cute pictures of each other. They do not shy away from showing their affection to each other. The idol stars even support each other in their careers. HyunA has discussed how Dawn helped her massively in her new comeback; from helping produce the new song (he did not take credits) to sticking stickers on envelopes of her new album.

Known as K-pop’s ‘Power Couple’, HyunA and Dawn have become one of the most popular idol couples in the K-pop scene. They fell in love, spoke up openly about their relationship, got criticized for it, but pulled through it all with courage. The two lovebirds have proved it time and again that they will support each other during times of hardship, and have made us believe in love again! More power to HyunA and Dawn!

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