Hyolyn and Dasom in their 'summer or summer' music video

Former SISTAR members Hyolyn and Dasom collab in their 'Summer or Summer' music video

This is one of the most expected reunions of the decade in K-pop. SISTAR’s former members Hyolyn and Dasom have collaborated!  They show with their latest music video that they still conquer the summer season. While SISTAR has disbanded, the legacy of the members themselves has not. This is an MV that K-Pop fans around the world can not miss out on. Keep reading below!

  • SISTAR debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2010.
  • SISTAR was a four-member group consisting of Hyolyn, Soyou, Bora, and Dasom.
  • As The Queens of Summer, they have won many awards including nine Golden Disc Awards.
  • Since they disbanded in 2017, this collaboration has been highly anticipated.
  • The 'Summer or Summer' music video now has 2.5M views

Fans are very excited about Hyolyn and Dasom's "Summer or Summer" collaboration! Sistar is well respected as a second-generation K-pop girl group and K-pop fans across the globe blasted their songs ‘Shake It’ and ‘Touch My Body'.

SISTAR sporting summer clothes in their 'SHAKE IT' music video

Their songs are simultaneously catchy and refreshing. Throughout the years, they have gained popularity and recognition as “summer queens”. This is why when SISTAR disbanded in 2017, it was not just their fandom Star1 that was saddened. For listeners of K-Pop, a summer without SISTAR is not much of a summer at all. Despite disbandment, all of the girls are thriving, and “Summer or Summer” is proof of this! "Summer or Summer", what a perfect name for a release by girls known for conquering the summer with their hot releases! The music video is bright and colorful and takes place at the beach.

Hyolyn and Dasom at the beach in their "Summer or Summer" music video

We hear Hyolyn’s well-known powerhouse vocals and Dasom’s well-missed soothing voice. Not to mention, a rap verse that fans are fawning over.  With this MV, we also see that despite disbandment, Hyolyn and Dasom are still very much friends. The song is a delight as fans always wanted Dasom to have more lines during their time as SISTAR. Here, she shines!  “Summer or Summer” is a fun and colorful MV full of sunshine, nostalgia, amazing vocals, and visuals. One can not sit still while listening to it. It is a beautiful gift for K-Pop fans who have missed their songs.  In two days the MV has attained 1M views. If this collab is not great enough by itself, the proceeds for this collaboration are also reportedly going towards a great cause: to people who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as a part of Contents Lab VIVOs ‘How to Spend 2021 Well’ Project.

Watch Hyolyn and Dasom's 'summer or summer' music video here!

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