Huening Kai from TXT Huening Kai from TXT

Huening Kai confesses he would date this TXT member, where would he take him?

If the rest of the TXT members were girls, who would Huening Kai take on a date? This is what the Idol has revealed.

Despite the short career of TXT, the group is getting ready to start its tour "ACT: LOVE SICK" in North America. As soon as the sale was open all the concerts got sold out. Their popularity is not a joke.

Since these skillful singers are increasing their fandom, it makes sense that MOA is curious about the Idols. Sometimes they get hilarious questions and the singers of "Good Boy Gone Bad" are always happy to answer.

TXT members / By @lilbgy

The chemistry among the members is amazing, and the fans are asking if they were born as girls who would date Huening Kai. Do you want to know who the member is?

Huening Kay reveals which TXT member he would date

Recently, a fan asked Heuning Kai who he'd choose to date if the rest of the TXT members were girls. He answered that it would be Beomgyu and they would be going to the movie theatre for a date.

Huening Kai and Beomgyu / By @hyuwomi

A couple of months ago, during an episode of TO DO X TXT, the group was playing a game to know more about each other. One of them asked something and the rest of them will answer secretly. Back then Beomgyu asked them:

Truthfully, if we met outside of the agency, and I were a girl, you'd date me.

The Idol wasn't expecting someone to say yes but Huening Kai took a step forward to accept it. Almost immediately Kai asked for keeping it as a secret. Check the hilarious episode here.

What do you think about it? Could Huening Kai and Beoumgyu be a good couple?

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