MONSTA X's Shape Of Love preview MONSTA X's Shape Of Love preview

How will MONSTA X's Shape Of Love sound like? This new teaser reveals its songs

We are hours away from MONSTA X comeback with Shape Of Love which will have amazing songs and this new teaser proves it

MONSTA X is ready for comeback, the new mini album 'Shape Of Love' has a great variety of songs that MONBEBE will love, this is how the new music from this K-Pop group will sound like.

MONSTA X members work hard on their music all of the time, it's been some time since the last Korean album they released, in November 2021 they gave the best with 'No Limit' and its tritle track 'Rush Hour' which had a great success.

For 2022, MONSTA X prepared more new music, Kihyun debuted as a solo artist and the idol group is ready for its world tour to begin but they couldn't go on tour before having another comeback, right? That's why 'Shape Of Love' is almost here!

MONSTA X has been teasing fans about their next comeback, with 'Shape Of Love' they'll took the stage once again and show more of themselves with their new music. Joohoney and I.M worked in the songwriting and producing of these tracks so it makes them even more interesting.

And how will those 'Shape Of Love' songs sound like? Well, MONSTA X has a last teaser for us before the releasing of next album and it excited MONBEBE a lot.

MONSTA X reveals Shape Of Love's preview, this is how their new songs will sound like

MONSTA X revealed the preview for Shape Of Love's songs, it'll have 6 tracks with a great variety of sounds, first we have a deep bass in 'LOVE', the title track of this next album. Then we get a little funky with 'Burning Up'. There's a great variety and we have some calmer songs such as 'AND'. We can't wait for the full album to come out!

Are you ready for this album? We're like 18 hours away from the release of 'Shape Of Love' and 'LOVE' MV, we can't wait for it!

MONSTA X will have its comeback show too

On April 26, 2022 at 8 PM KST, MONSTA X will have its comeback show too! It'll be broadcasted on UNIVERSE, you can watch it on the app or in the page, and they will showcase some of the songs and perform them for the first time. Don't forget that the idol group is going to appear in a los of Korean music shows too such as Music Bank, Inkigayo and maybe M! Countdown too.

MONSTA X's comeback show | Twitter: @YKHmarketing

Are you ready for new MONSTA X's music? We're soooo excited and can't wait for them to show us everything they prepared for the world.

But while we wait some hours more for Shape Of Love's release, keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members here we have their best collabs

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