How was BTS in the very beginning? How was BTS in the very beginning?

How was BTS formed? This was the beginning of the K-Pop group

BTS has a long history dating back to before their debut, how did this group come to be?

Nowadays, BTS is the most popular K-Pop group, do you know how it was formed? Get to know everything about the beginnings of its great history.

BTS is the most recognized K-Pop group in the world, this idol group debuted in 2013 and since then their path into music began. Conquering his loyal fanbase, first in Korea and later in many other parts of the world. Today there are Bangtan fans all over the planet.

7 boys are part of Bangtan Sonyeondan, they have lived great experiences and shared amazing moments, with each new award ceremony, record, concert and comeback. The evolution of the Bangtan Boys is not only noticeable physically, but also musically and at the level of fans and sales.

Today, BTS is making its mark on the international music industry and perhaps it is something that its members never imagined. The facts are surpassing their imagination and dreams, something that allows them to have ever higher goals to achieve. And ARMY will always try to give their idols more achievements.

But how did the story of BTS begin? Perhaps we can go back in time to the formation of the group, this is how BigHit Entertainment started with the project of a new boy band that not even the agency knew would become one of the most successful.

How did BTS start? This is how this K-Pop group was formed

The history of BTS goes back even before 2013, when a new group was beginning to be devised. Actually, it wouldn't be K-Pop, BigHit Entertainment thought of a Hip-Hop group and the first member to be recruited was Kim Namjoon. So RM being an underground rapper started to have active participation in the formation of this next group.

BigHit Entertainment was finding new talents through their auditions and little by little Bangtan Sonyeondan was getting better shape. Even his debut would be in 2011 but it was postponed. Bang Si Hyuk, CEO of BigHit, found new talents such as dancers and vocalists and changed his mind to an idol group. Then some rappers from the agency decided to withdraw from the project.

BTS was going to have 8 members at the beginning | Twitter: @MrsofNamjoon

Already with a better idea in mind and 7 members, BTS had everything ready to debut and in 2013 it was that the idol group showed all of itself for the first time to the whole world.

How was the debut of BTS?

June 13, 2013 was the debut of BTS, when they released their first single album 2 Cool 4 Skool, the title track was 'No More Dream' for which an official MV was released and this song had their performance for music programs from Korea.

Now you know how the great history of BTS began, with a pre-debut project and the great ideas of BigHit Entertainment and RM. Little by little, the 7 idols joined the company to present the best of themselves as a group.

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