The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Rose.

How the zodiac sign of Rose reflects her personality

Aquarians are the real superheroes! They are true humanitarians with golden hearts. She is a role model for her group mates as well as for Blinks across the globe. Want to know why Rose is an Aquarius hero? Read below to find out!

  • She was born on February 11, 1997, making her an Aquarius.
  • The zodiac symbol of Aquarius is Water Bearer.
  • Aquarians are known to be intelligent, compassionate, and artistic. 

Friends with everyone

The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Rose.

From her stunning group mates to her millions of fans, Rose has the talent to win everyone's heart. The 23-year-old star shares a special bond with Chae Young and Tzuyu from Twice, and Joy from Red Velvet. She is also close friends with Girl's Day's singer, Hyeri. Read all about the duo's relationship here!


The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Rose.

Do you know why Aquarians are so passionate? It is because they love to follow their heart. Our favorite Blackpink member rose to fame in a span of four years through her hard work. Not only did she become famous in Korea, but also the United States. Due to her rising popularity, many opulent brands like Yves Saint Laurent have chosen her as their brand ambassador. She is an intelligent and independent K-pop girl and these are the best attributes of her zodiac sign.

Food lover

The lead vocalist of Blackpink, Rose.

Rose is the biggest foodie in her girl group. She loves to eat Mangoes and Kimchi Stew, the famous Korean dish. Whenever Rose hangouts with her best friends, she enjoys eating Cheetos and pizzas with pineapple toppings. We wonder how she eats a lot, but still has a slim down figure.

I believe she possesses all the great qualities of her star sign. Her girl group is incomplete without her! Blinks what do you feel about Rose being an Aquarius? 

Watch Blackpink's song, 'Lovesick Girls' below!

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