How much does Jeon Jungkook from BTS love his fans?

The 23-year-old member is known as the most emotional among the group. He has cried for Army on many occasions. He once said he has Army on his mind all the time. Jungkook has released some songs for his fan, and it perfectly represents how much he loves Army. Find out the gifts Jungkook prepared for his fans below! 

  • Jungkook was born on1 September 1997 in Busan. 
  • He has uploaded vlogs under Golden Closet Films on their YouTube channel called Bangtan TV. 
  • The 5'10" tall member got his arm tatted during their hiatus.
  • BTS topped the Billboard top 100 chart on Jungkook's 23rd  birthday 
Jungkook in Euphoria

Jungkook loves to sing, and Armys loves to hear him sing. What's better than singing for Army? 
Jungkook wrote and sang a song called Still with you. He uploaded it on SoundCloud with the URL 'thankyouarmy2020.' What a sweetheart!

Jungkook at Connect BTS

He wrote the song to tell Army that he is always with them. Jungkook wants Army to always stay by his side. Fans were in love with his melodious voice and the soothing lyrics. He knows how to please the Army. What do you think about the song? Do you think it's a decent way to show gratitude to his fans?

Jungkook at concert

Jungkook did not stop there. He went a did a cover of 10000 hours and posted it on SoundCloud with the URL '10000hourswitharmy'.  He really loves them and clearly missed Army in quarantine. Imagine when all you look forward to is meeting your fans, and you can't do it anymore.

It must be hard for Jungkook to stay away from Army for so long. He even got tattoos of Army on his hand to keep them close to him all the time. How adorable! 

We think Jungkook's love for Army is immeasurable. He goes above and beyond to thank them. He gives his best in every performance for Army.  Do you agree? Check out his soulful voice in Euphoria below! 

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