BTS at prer conference BTS at prer conference

How is it to work with BTS? Their choreographer said everything

BTS always shows perfect performances. The choreographer Sienna Lau has revealed the details behind the stage.

Did you watch the special performance of Butter for the Grammys? It was awesome!

Well, one of the choreographers behind that explosive break dance has revealed how the members of BTS really are behind the stage.

BTS at the Grammys / By @kiss_seven7

Her name is Sienna Lau, is part of the dance group "The Lab". The 21year old choreographer has worked with superstars like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and, of course, BTS.

One of her choreographies is the amazing dance for "ON", when we can see her in the video for "Kinetic Manifesto Film". The powerful rock-pop song Dionysus was also made by Lau.

In recent days for an interview she was asked how it is to work with the biggest boy group in the world. This is what she has to say.

The nerve-wracking experience of work with BTS.

In an interview for a magazine the choreographer explained that BTS have a special "aura" that you can feel as soon as they enter the room. She confessed that she was really nervous to dance on stage with the group because of the intense energy of the crowd. At the same time she revealed hoo hard working the members are:

They put everything of themselves in their performances and if it's not perfect, they will practice until it is. But they have fun too.

For ARMY these words are not a surprise. BTS has revealed tons of videos of practices where we can see they are working hard but enjoying at the same time.

Praises for BTS work ethic

This is not the first time someone from the staff crew of BTS has something similar to say.

The Former trainer of the group Kim Jihoon declared Jungkook used to practice a lot if he wanted to learn a new skill. Apparently their determination has not changed with the years.

Read what ARMY have to say after the concerts for Permission To Dance On Stage.

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