Hpow is it like to meet SEVENTEEN's S.Coups in person? Hpow is it like to meet SEVENTEEN's S.Coups in person?

How is SEVENTEEN's S.Coups when CARAT meets him in person unexpectedly?

How would it be like to meet SEVENTEEN's S.Coups in person? These lucky CARATs revealed their experiences

Some lucky fans met SEVENTEEN's S.Coups in a restaurant and this is what happened, he has the best reaction to CARAT when they approach him.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most popular and relevant groups in K-Pop, they are a worldwide phenomenom since their fandom is everywhere, in a lot of countries around the world and CARAT will always show their love and support for the idol group.

CARAT and SVT have a great relationship, the members of this idol group tend to keep in touch with fans, even if it was virtually since they get connected with then through social media, for example, on Weverse or Instagram. Of course that this is not compared to meet them in person.

And some fans have been lucky enough for them to get to meet SEVENTEEN members in person, maybe it'll be hard for fans to approach them and ask maybe for an autograph of a picture, but there are some who have done this before and it's a great experience.

This time, some fans could meet S.Coups in person, and they shared everything about it, how is it like to meet SEVENTEEN leader on the streets?

CARAT met SEVENTEEN's S.Coups at his favorite restaurant and this is what happened

CARAT shared that even if they live in Seoul, they went to Daegu to watch SEVENTEEN's movie 'Power Of Love', after the movie projection, fans went to a restaurant which S.Coups recommended before and CARAT was talking about the movie and SVT when they saw Seungcheol get inside the restaurant. Fans got excited but they didn't want to disturb the idol.

The restaurant's owner helped them to approach Coups since they were shy and he greeted them and gave his autograph to these fans. CARAT says that he looks even more handsome in person, he was pretty cool with them and respectful too even if he was there with his family.

S.Coups gave his autograph to CARAT who met him | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

CARAT said that S.Coups is polite and when he meet them he seems like he's about to meet someone pretty important, like he wants to give the best of him when he's in front of fans, isn't it just too amazing? It'd be so cool to see him in person and have his autograph, that's just great.

Some years ago another CARAT could meet S.Coups in Daegu too

As you might know, Daegu is S.Coups' hometown, so, in 2018 a fan shared their experience meeting him in person, it was at a bus stop while she was waiting for the transport and spotted him. They told him that they were a CARAT and showed him their BongBong keyring, he held it with love and then looked after his fan even when they took the bus.

CARAT said that he was too handsome even if he wasn't wearing makeup that time, and that he's all smiles and love stares when they meet him, OMG.

CARAT found S.Coups at the bus stop one day | Twitter: @minguhaeyo

Now this is a dream that I'd like to live tho, wouldn't it be amazing to jyst like, you know meet S.Coups or any SEVENTEEN's member and get their autographs?

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members here, like Jun who did a great deed for his hometown in China, he's showing his big heart. 

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