How is BTS' new song 'Life Goes On' promoting unity?

With releasing their most anticipated album of the year, BTS has given a message of hope and comfort to their Army. In hard times like these, they told us how even being apart from each other, we are still close and together. Reflecting on their experience of quarantine, the boys shoot the cozy and comforting MV of their song 'Life Goes On' in their home. Don't you think that being together in these times the most important? Then scroll down to see how BTS remained close to each other.

  • The K-pop boy band comprises the members V, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin.
  • They have an estimated net worth of $450 million, and are followed by more than 22 Million people on Twitter.
  • BTS stands for Beyond-the-scenes in English, while, in Korean, they are called Bangtan Soneyandon, meaning 'Bullet Proof Boy Scouts'.
BTS at BE's press conference

Time to time in this quarantine, BTS has expressed how they felt alone and stuck as the pandemic started. Jimin said 'I felt hopeless'. Basically their experience of performing in front of millions of Army made them restless when they got trapped inside their house. We also felt the same, highly relatable!


Initially like everyone else, the K-stars felt depressed. But as the life continued going on, the members got up. They reflected on themselves and started working on music again. But this time they did not do work only.

They sat down with each other, talked about life and decided not to give up.

As the MV shows their cozy home-looks, boys are seen playing games, watching previous videos and cuddling up on their sofa. This shows how they remained together and did not let each other fall apart. We love their bond. They are always caring for each other!

In the later part of the MV, boys are driving up to the arena together. The scene starts with members packed up in the car and Jin checking up on them while sitting on the front seat.

This also highlights Jin's caring nature being the eldest in the group. His caring look for the members have made our heart melt.*Cries*


We love how BTS has highlighted the importance of being together even in isolation. Being together does not always mean being with each other physically but also emotionally.

Through their album and other content, they made sure to stay connected to Armys as well. They are so kind. The best boys ever!

Check out the MV yourself and let us what do you think about it in the comments down below! 

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