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How does ITZY's Chaeryeong deal with negative comments? She talks about her self-confidence

Chaeryeong of ITZY has been receiving tons of negative comments since her debut. The Idol opens about this serious issue.

K-Pop's popularity is insane! Million all over the world are loving and admire the artists Korea is offering. However, not everything is happiness. Every single Idol has many anti-fanatics as well.  These people can be really rude to the singers.

In the eyes of the anti, any excuses are good for critics of the celebrities. Not being talented enough or pretty enough, too fat or too skinny, are some of the most recurrent reasons to attack the Idols.

ITZY's Chaeryeong / Twitter @ITZYofficial

Nowadays, many celebrities are finally talking about this serious problem. This type of comment can affect badly the mental health of the singer. ITZY's Chaeryeong is a victim of this issue, she is sharing her honest thoughts about it.

Chaeryeong of ITZy talks about the hate comment she receives

On July 22th a new episode of Lee Youngji's YouTube show was released. The member of ITZY, Chaeryeong was the guest on the funny show. During the talk, the idol was asked "Are you the type of girl who easily gets influenced by others?" Chaeryeong said:

I really care about others' attention. I wasn't like this when I was young. I used to think that I am the prettiest when I was in elementary school. So I was always confident.

The singer revealed that her confidence disappeared when she was getting ready for her debut. She was asked about the specific event that made her change. Chaeryeong explained that many people didn't want her to debut. She talked about the negative comments.

I always tried to think of others first. Taking extra care of my reaction. But such actions looked sarcastic to others. If they don't like my good actions and bad actions, I don't really know what to do.

Meanwhile, the Idol concluded by saying "I don't care". The host encouraged Chaeryeong telling her how precious she is. It was an emotive and lovely moment. By the way, their chemistry is awesome. Check here the full interview.

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