This is how Taehyung smells like in person This is how Taehyung smells like in person

How does BTS' V smell like in person? This is the natural perfume of the idol

The essence of Taehyung from BTS is unique and someone could describe it perfectly, this is the smell that the idol has

What is the natural perfume of V from BTS? Someone who was able to have him very closely described perfectly what this idol smells like.

One of the dreams of every BTS fan is to meet the idols in person, maybe share their love with them face to face, have a selfie with them and even their autograph will be something simply amazing. Although it could be a bit difficult because not everyone is within reach of the members of Bangtan.

This is why many times ARMY can only be guided by the testimonies of those people who have been able to meet the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys in person. There are many lucky people who share their experience when facing one of the idols of this boy band.

There are those who have been able to see BTS in person and reveal that the idols are very tall, what their live visuals are like, how friendly they also become and more that thousands of fans are interested in. But also a big question is: What do the members of Bangtan smell like? And although we know what their favorite perfumes are, they have a personal essence.

And this doubt has been resolved with V, because a Japanese presenter who could have had him very closely described exactly how this member of BTS smells, he knows the details about his natural perfume.

This is V's natural perfume, this is how the BTS idol smells like in person

A presenter from Japan recounted his experience when he was able to share the stage with BTS, especially with V, who was the member who was closest to him. Although Taehyung was sweating when they met because he was at a Bangtan fanmeeting in his country, he claimed that the idol doesn't smell bad at all, this is his natural perfume.

V's sweat is clean, it has no smell, it is transparent like the water of Mount Fuji (...) he smells like a flower, not a specific flower like a rose, but he is the flower itself

This is how BTS' V smells like in person | Twitter: @KritiShaza

Wow! So the combination of V's perfume with his natural essence forms a smell like a flower that doesn't really exist, it's typical of the idol, can you imagine it?

 What is BTS Taehyung's favorite perfume?

The truth is that Taehyung doesn't like perfumes at all and prefers to use an aromatic cream that gives a punch to his natural essence and turns it into what it is and how the idol should smell. He uses 'Aveno Stress Relief' cream which smells like lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile.

Taehyung likes this aromatic cream | Twitter: @taejinpictures

Now you know how Taehyung smells in person, it would be a dream to know his smell directly, don't you think so? Maybe one day, at a fan meeting or if you meet the idol on the streets, wouldn't that be great?

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