How does BLACKPINK's Rose warm up her voice? Her secret was revealed

Rose, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK, talked about the way she practices to sing. Here is her vocal warm up routine.

All the members of BLACKPINK have distinctive abilities that make them shine in the group. Since its debut Rose's voice stood out because of her unique singing style.

Maybe the Idol has the sweets voice among the members of this girl group. She can create warm effect with her performances. At the same time, she easily reaches high notes that make the climax of BLACKPINK songs even more powerful.

Rose from BLACKPINK / By @rosiebratz

Too many fanatics all over the world admire the singer of "On The Ground" for amazing skills. BLINK wants to know how she practices, well, Rose herself is sharing all the details. If you want to sing like the Idol, follow this routine.

BLACKPINK's Rose explains  her warm-up routine.

Recently, Rose from BLACKPINK made the internet crazy with her photoshoot for the magazine ELLE Korea. On May 20 it was revealed a short interview with the Idol. Rose received some fan's questions. She was asked about how she warms up.

I imagine that I deliver.

I don't do anything special.

The artist explained that she uses a phrase and repeats it too many times while increasing the power. She also tends to make classic vocal warm-up exercises with sounds like brrrrr. Rose added:

Usually I imagine that I 'open the throat' with "Ha Ha Ha". Isn't it silly?

Later, she mentioned that she is thinking about how to sing better. Even though she is already a great singer, Rose is always trying to give her best. She is really happy to listen to compliments about her singing style.

What do you think about it? Are you following Rose's routine?

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