ARMY can't have a boyfriend because of Jungkook ARMY can't have a boyfriend because of Jungkook

How did Jungkook respond to ARMY who blames him for not having a boyfriend?

BTS has set very high standards and now ARMY cannot settle for less, what solution does Jungkook give to someone who blames him for not finding a boyfriend?

Jungkook biased's standards are very high and it might be hard to find someone as good as the BTS idol as a boyfriend, what can fans do? Maybe JK has the solution.

The members of BTS have stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world, starting with their musical talents that caught the attention of many fans. Later, if we focus on their personalities, we can find very cute and sweet hearts that also end up completely conquering their followers.

And let's not forget the visuals of the Bangtan Sonyeondan boys, they are really attractive and have simply amazing beauty. Like Jungkook, Bangtan's maknae has great features both inside and out. All this means that a large part of ARMY has chosen him as their bias in the group or their ultimate bias.

Jeon Jungkook is not only handsome and stylish, this artist is also extremely talented and has a bright, funny and very cute personality that has made fans really have a big crush on him. Although this love is platonic, it also sets the standards of the fans very high and it may be difficult to find a boyfriend who meets the demands of ARMY.

So there are a lot of ARMYs wishing for a boyfriend but no one really lives up to the hype. Fans can't take their eyes off Jungkook and this has left them single for a long time so they brought the case to JK, how did he respond?

Jungkook has set very high standards and ARMY can't have a boyfriend because of him, what can fans do?

As it has already become a routine, Jungkook left his ask box open on Instagram Stories waiting for questions from his fans. Although Instagram was failing, the BTS idol still answered some questions from his fans. Among them was someone who blamed him for not having a boyfriend, what was the Golden Maknae's response?

ARMY: Oppa is so good that I can't get a boyfriend, would you take the responsibility??

Jungkook: I guess nothing can be done... I'm sorry


So Jungkook doesn't take responsibility, he just set high standards, it's not his fault that there isn't someone who can even come close to how cute, gentlemanly and handsome he can be. We are so sorry ARMY.

Anyways, Jungkook belongs to ARMY

Does ARMY really need a boyfriend when Jungkook already belongs to the fandom? In another ARMY question, this was fully confirmed by JK. Actually the relationship between ARMY and BTS is great, very cute and amazing. We love the interactions of these idols with their fans.

ARMY: Jungkook is mine

JK: I'm yours!


ARMY and Jungkook have the best interactions in the BTS idol's Instagram Stories, we hope he continues to answer questions from his fans who give us such iconic moments like these.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, here we tell you more about the opinion that PSY has about the idol group.

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