GOT7 on concert GOT7 on concert

How did GOT7 get ready for HOMECOMING? This is what you didn't see in the concert

GOT7 made his anticipated comeback a couple of months ago. The group has revealed the Behind The Scene of HOMECOMING.

After finishing its contract with JYP Entertainment, all the members of GOT7 took different paths and sign with other labels. However, they didn't disband the group, just gave some room for their individual projects.

Finally, we saw them together on stage a couple of months ago. These talented Idols released the mini album "GOT7" and the title single "NANANA". As was expected, the fans loved this amazing comeback.

GOT7 members / Twitter @GOT7

Almost at the same time, the singer of "NOT BY THE MOON" prepared a special fanmeeting/concert named "HOMECOMING". This event was really emotive for the member and AHGASE. Here is the behind the scene of this show.

GOT7 reveals Behind The Scene of 'HOMECOMING'

On August 3rd GOT7's official YouTube channel dropped a new episode of "GOT7 IS OUR NAME". This we can see the backstage of the FANCOM, HOMECOMING. This video starts with the member getting ready for the second day of the concert. Jay B said:

I feel much more stable than yesterday. I'm so thankful to the members for doing music together again. I felt thankful once again for trusting me and being with me. And I hope we think about the team next time and be able to work and create things together.

During this event, Bam Bam announced that all of them will be releasing new solo music. By the way, the fans are already supporting their new singles. The charismatic Idols prepared some performances and a sweet but funny talk.

As you may know, their chemistry is awesome, so the conversation made the fans laugh a lot. At most al the end of the clip, Jackson added that he had a lot of fun, so he thought "When will this moment come again?". Check the emotive clip here.

Did you know that there are too many K-Pop Idols from Canada? Read more about it here.

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