How Suga was tricked by the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment!

The Korean music industry is nothing without the singers’ astounding vocals and excellent dancing skills. However, many celebrities don’t appreciate the dancing part, and Suga is one of them. He was inconvincible when it came to joining BTS just because he had to show his moves. Scroll down to see how the Big Hit Entertainment deceived Suga to get him on board for the super hit band formation.  

  • Suga, whose actual name is Min Yoon-gi, is a Korean singer, songwriter, and record producer who joined BTS in 2013.
  • His stage name Suga is a reverse of his other name Agust D which he adopted from his mixtape. Yoon-gi says it represents a side of him that the former name cannot describe.
  • He has a net worth of 20 million dollars

K-pop music and their specific dancing style go hand in hand. That’s also a reason for their massive popularity in the world. Their music videos are as entertaining as the song itself. For that reason, Korean singers have to put extra effort into their work. A lot of them even attended dance classes to get their skill polished!

Suga doesn't like to dance!

Keeping that in mind, it was hard to convince Suga, who hates to dance, for joining the band since it required the members to have high-grade moves besides being extraordinary singers.

However, Min Yoon-gi disagreed with the idea; therefore, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si-hyuk, had to lie and tricked the singer by saying that he wouldn’t be asked to dance.

That was the only possible way to get him on board. It didn't take long to unveil that the CEO was lying. The 27 years old Korean rapper jokingly said in an interview back in 2013 that ‘he was deceived by Bang,’ but he certainly doesn’t regret or feel bad about it even the tiniest.

Suga was told that he wouldn't have to dance which turned out t be false.

The band has now become his identity. It is what he’s known for, so the regret might have gone already! And we must appreciate Min Yoon-gi that despite disliking dance, he is doing so well. 

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