BTS at concert with their Army

How the K-pop band BTS takes care of their fans aka Army!

We all agree that BTS and their Army are the best group and fandom out there. Their relationship is the most wholesome and firm out there. Do you ever wonder why BTS' fans are so loyal? It's because they are taken good care of. Find out below how the Billboard number 1 singers take care of their beloved Army.

  • With a net worth of $450 million, the BTS members never forget to stay humble. 
  • BTS has more than 31 million followers on Twitter, but they connect with their fans through Weverse.
  • BTS' fans are called ARMY, Adorable representative MC for youth.

Preparing heart performances for Army 

Jin with his prop for the heart performance, source: redbubble

BTS knows how to treat their fans for all the support they've shown. Did you know BTS does a Heart performance for Army every comeback? They incorporate loads of hearts for Army in those performances. Jin usually goes all out when it comes to expressing love for Army.

We think it's an adorable way to express love for each other. 

Playing games with Army

Army's meme on V's game post

V spent a lot of his quarantine playing games with Army. He would post the code on Weverse and wait for Army to join the game. Isn't this the most wholesome interaction between fans and artists? They love to spend time with each other even if they can't meet in person. 

Writing letters to Army

Jungkook's postcard to Army

BTS loves to communicate with Army through letters. They write letters during shoots and before comebacks. We all saw how heartfelt the postcards for Army were when the boys released them. Remember when Jungkook cried his heart out during the winter package because he missed Army?

They are sincere and open to each other. We do not see anyone else being so close to their fans. 

Keeping Army close to them

ARMY on Jungkook's hand

RM has a picture frame of Army from one of their concerts on his desk. So he can never stop thinking about them. Jungkook got Army tattooed on his hand, so they can always stay together. A fan said when BTS does their group chant before they perform, Army is doing it with them because they are on Jungkook's hand.

We had tears rolling down our faces when we read that. 

Telling Army to 'Love Myself' 

This has to be what creates the glue between Army and BTS. They understand the worries of their fans and preach self-love. J-Hope asked Army at a concert to shout back 'Love Myself' when he says 'Love Yourself'.  They even make Army scream, 'You can't stop me loving myself' during Idol performance.

BTS has really set the bar high for fans' treatment. Do you think there is any other artist who takes care of their fans like BTS? Each member has a net worth of $20 million, and each one of the members has cared for Army in his own way.

Watch the video for Idol below if you want to scream 'You can't stop me loving myself' with BTS! 

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