How BTS new song 'Life Goes On' gives hope to the Army?

The seven-membered K-pop boy band, BTS has just released their 2020s most anticipated album 'BE'. Compiled by the efforts of all the members, BTS has worked really hard on this album. They have worked not only on singing or performing but also behind the scenes of this album. Talking about the difficulties in a pandemic, the MV is touching the hearts of the Army. It is so emotional and comforting that we cannot stop relating to it. Like all other BTS' songs 'Life Goes On' is giving us a hope.  Let's see what Armys are saying about it!  

  • BTS comprises the members V, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Suga and Jin.
  • The estimated net worth of the group is $450 million, and they are followed by more than 22 Million people on Twitter.
  • Today, they released their second album for 2020, 'BE'. 
  • In Korean BTS is known as Bangtan Soneyandon, meaning 'Bullet Proof Boy Scouts' while in English it stands for Beyond-The-Scenes.
BTS BE Concept photo

As BTS released their album, millions of Army gathered for its premiere on YouTube. Getting more than 2.3 million likes within 2 hours of its release, the song is healing the Army.

The Army found the song to be very soothing and calming. We can absolutely relate with it. *cries*. Let's take a look at some words Army have posted about it.

Army posted on You Tube

In hard times like these, we long for someone saying some peaceful and calming words. And BTS exactly know how to do it!

Army posted on Weverse

Being isolated in homes, we feel our lives have stopped. And it's not moving on. But BTS tells us how still there is hope left. Army are describing it so rightfully.

Army posted on Weverse

We know how our lives took a 180 degrees turn when we became BTS Army. It felt like everything changed and has become a little prettier. This is why we can't stop agreeing with what Army has said.

Army posted on Weverse

Big relate! It was a feeling we were not able to say but BTS perfectly did it for us! Thank you BTS for releasing this album and always making us feel better.

Check out the MV yourself and let us know how do you feel about it in the comments down below!


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