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How BTS members look without makeup!

You will not believe how different BTS members look without makeup! While the boys have made headlines for their makeup looks, they are often praised for their shinny and clear skin. Are you tempted to see what lies under that layer of makeup? Scroll down to see the pictures of the band members without makeup!

  • According to fans, the Bangtan Boys are much more tanner in real life. We will never find how they look unless we see them in front of us. 
  • The funniest member, Jin, lives by the motto, 'If you act young, you will stay young forever', and that is his secret behind his beautiful visuals.
  • RM revealed his favorite skincare brand is 'Mediheal'. 

1. Jin 

The 'Worldwide Handsome' holds his title with or without makeup. Even at the age of 28, he looks like a porcelain doll. Jin's beauty is unmatchable! 

2. Suga 

Suga has the shiniest skin in BTS. Did you know he doesn't have a skincare routine?  We're all confused about how that happened. He manages to look absolutely stunning without makeup. 

3. RM

How can one not find someone with those adorable dimples pretty? The smart leader of the Bangtan Boys has to be the most good-looking member without makeup. His dimples definitely steal the show!

4. J-Hope

The member who takes care of his skin the most! J-Hope's beauty shines just like his personality. The way his cheeks rise when he smiles is enough to call him beautiful. 

5. Jimin

Jimin can look like an angel or a devil with the makeup look he chooses to wear. Without makeup, he looks like the softest mochi ever. The 25-year-old vocalist radiates angel vibes with or without makeup.

6. V

Fans often say that V has honey-like skin because of his tanned skin color. Kim Taehyung loves going without makeup. He once confidentially told J-Hope that he doesn't need any makeup because he is beautiful regardless. 

7. Jungkook

Jungkook now has one of the clearest faces we have seen. We realized how beautiful his skin is when he showed up barefaced in 'BTS, In the Soop' 

None of the members in BTS need makeup. However, we support them in whatever way they choose to appear. Check out the boys being themselves in the music video of 'Idol' below!

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