BTS describe each other BTS describe each other

How BTS members describe each other? This is what they think about them

BTS members are not only co-workers and they can describe each other with words that reflect their love and bonds

Do BTS members have a good relationship? They had to describe each other and this is what happened when they showed their most honest side.

BTS members have been together for more than 8 years now, since they started with their training periods in BigHit Entertainment they got to know each other. It doesn't matter if they came from different places in Korea or if they weren't the same age, they all got along well.

And now that Bangtan Sonyeondan idols have lived a lot of experiences together, their bonds and relationship have become more and more strong. That's why we can tell that BTS idols have a big family instead of just a friendship or co-workers relationship.

Even if they joke around, the truth is that Bangtan Boys are full of love from ARMY, from each other and more. We all love to see their interactions, fans love to hear their stories, everything they've been living together, as a big team and example for many other groups.

And here we tell you more about it, BTS members described each other and they had the cutests words for their groupmates.

BTS show their love for each member describing each other in the best way

You'll melt with BTS descriptions for each member, in this interview they described each other, in order, first Namjoon, members had words like 'Best leader', 'leader' or 'hyung', for example, with some other members we can hear them say 'friend', 'vitamin', and more. Here's the video, you can watch it and see the fondness in each members' voice.

This full video reveals a lot about BTS members, they also talked a lot more about themselves, so ARMY gets to know them better.

Suga also revealed how BTS solve their problems 

Friendship won't mean that you have to be always agreeing with your friends, it means that even if there are differences, you respect each other and can solve any problem or conflict together, and Suga revealed how they do it.

How BTS solves problems amongst the members | Twitter: @S0NYEONDAN

BTS is a big example for everyone, they work well as ateam, they love each other as friends and tend to solve problems together, they're simply amazing.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, speaking about friendships, get to know the one between Jimin and Ha Sungwoon

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