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How BTS' Jin fights haters on the Internet

Jin has been in the K-pop industry for 8 years! Of course, he knows how to deal with hate comments. During a live stream on VLIVE in 2019, he revealed that the best way of dealing with haters online is by ignoring them. According to the 'ON' star, you can't live up to everyone's expectations! Is his advice really helpful? Read below to find out.

  • Jin's full name is Kim Seokjin, and he is the eldest member of the K-pop boy group 'BTS'.
  • He often receives hate for messing up the choreographies during concerts.
  • The singer trained for 5 years under Big Hit Entertainment and debuted in 2013.
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The 'Dynamite' singer loves to live life in a care-free manner. His secret to success is paying no attention to hate comments online. Jin warns his fans not to take negative comments too personally as they can ruin a happy atmosphere. Wow, how mature of him, don't you agree?

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'People can criticize for many reasons,' he added while speaking on the topic.

The star admitted that he can process constructive criticism well. Pointing out his mistakes doesn't bother him. He also acknowledged the fact that everyone has different tastes in music. Click here to see the video from his live stream. 

That's very true! Not everyone is going to like BTS' music and I think their fans need to accept that. 

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 Finally, Jin concluded that there is no use in giving attention to comments written by haters. They simply seem to be jealous and aim to make people upset. The 'Black Swan' sensation reminded his fans that the best way to tackle haters is by ignoring them and following your dreams.

Do you think he's right?


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I think Jin is a very positive person. His maturity is something to admire. A lot of people feel saddened by hate comments, but he doesn't let them bring him down. We should follow his strategy to succeed and ignore people with negative mindsets! 

Did you think his advice was helpful? Comment below!

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