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How Aespa members were discovered

The story of these 4 girls has only just began to be written. However, since we met them on November 17th, we have been stunned by their incredible talent. The same must have happened with the members of Lee Soo Man's company. Read on to find out how they were cast.

  • Winter was the first Aespa member to be revealed in October 2020 and is the group's lead dancer.
  • Karina follows the order announced by SM Entertainment to be an idol and is also the leader of the group.
  • Ning Ning from China is an out of this world singer. Her vocals stand out in Aespa.
  • Giselle is the rapper of the band and is originally from Japan. She is also the only member who is fluent in English.

How were Aespa members discovered?

Aespa being funny.

Entertainment companies have various ways of finding their potential idols and training them to excel in their skills. In Aespa's case, the only one who was cast through an open audition was Giselle. 

Also, this 20-year-old rapper is the one with the shortest training period in the group.

Only eleven months were enough for SM to decide to debut her.


Karina was discovered on social media

Karina from Aespa.

Because of her incredible visuals, Yoo Ji Min was considered an ulzzang in South Korea , this word refers to the beauty of her face.

Ning Ning performed and won several singing competitions in China and it was precisely after seeing one of her videos that an SM agent got in touch with the idol to recruit her.


Winter is an avid dancer

Winter looking gorgeous.

An agent from her current record label was impressed by her moves during a dance competition and decided to offer her the chance to be a celebrity.

The three girls who were discovered by agents did not initially believe that it was a serious offer.

I guess nobody expects to receive a call or message out of nowhere with the proposal to become an international superstar.

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