Holland suffered a homophic attack Holland suffered a homophic attack

Holland is a victim of homophobia in Korea, what happened to the idol?

Holland is an openly gay idol and actor and this time he was attacked for living his sexuality freely

Holland suffered a terrible homophobic attack on the streets of Korea and that's how the idol and actor exposed him, what happened to him?

Holland is a K-Pop soloist who debuted in 2018, since the beginning of his musical career, he caused a great impact because in the teasers there were two boys in a relationship. Besides that his song was about this struggle of being gay and discriminated against or not understood. From the beginning, this idol did not hide his sexuality.

So Go Tae Seob is the first openly gay idol in the South Korean music industry, something really difficult because in the country it is still not well seen that this type of sexuality exists. The rights of the LGBTQ+ collective are not legally protected and sadly, society does not fully accept those who live their sexuality freely either.

With his music, Holland sought to make a change and expose all aggressors and violators towards people who had same-sex preferences. Also, this year he made his debut as an actor in the BL drama 'Ocean Likes Me', so his career was pushing further and raising his voice more for his collective.

Sadly, Holland exposed a homophobic attack that he had suffered, showing how unfortunate it is not only that legally he cannot do something, but also that society is still so conservative.

Holland exposed the case of homophobia he suffered on the streets of Itaewon

Through social networks, Holland decided to expose the homophobic attack he had gone through while walking through the streets of Itaewon with a friend and his manager. The assailant not only hit him in the face, but also said offensive words to him.

This is obviously a hate crime. The fact that my sexuality as gay is public should never expose myself to this kind of violence. Nor any other LGBT+ and all elders, women and minorities in this world. This happening in 2022 shows the sad reality of LGBT+ human rights

Holland suffered an attack on the streets of Korea | Twitter: @HOLLAND_vvv

 Many fans are supporting the idol who exposed this case of homophobia since the laws of Korea and society do not really protect the LGBTQ+ community.

Holland took his case to the police hoping that justice can be served

Holland also said that he had taken his case to the police and hopes to get justice for this attack of hate and homophobia, he shared his post in both Korean and English so that not only his fans in Korea can know what happened, but also everyone sees the homophobia that still exists in the country.

Holland to the case to police | Twitter: @HOLLAND_vvv

We hope that justice will be done for Holland, because these types of attacks really shouldn't exist, can you imagine that more artists are from the LGBTQ+ community and are afraid to say so because of these types of actions by society? It's a very sad thing that lets us see more of the harsh reality of society in Korea. That despite having gay entertainment like in BL dramas, it's still something extremely taboo, isn't that incongruous?

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