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The secret message BTS' V sent through 'Blue and Grey'

Kim Taehyung is one of the vocalists from BTS. He wrote most of the lyrics for the song 'Blue and Grey' from their album BE. The song is a calming rhythm we occasionally hum to. Want to find out the process and meaning of this beautiful song? Read along to be blown away by the magical song! 

  • The 5'10" tall artist is known for his almost 20 cm long and beautiful hands. 
  • With a net worth of $20 million, V also holds the title of the most handsome face of 2020.
  • V was born on 30 December 1995, the same year as his soulmate Jimin.
  • Blue and Grey ranked no. 9 on Billboard Global Top 200 chart. 


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V revealed in the global press conference that this song is a pop acoustic ballad. He defined the song like a dark and gloomy track but assured us to not feel sad because the guitar sound was added to calm us. V worked on the song with NIve. NIve posted a video on YouTube explaining the whole process in detail.

NIve's thoughts on working with V

NIve mentioned that V wanted to write on 'finding hope and comfort even through the gloom.'. This was very thoughtful. We think the song fills this exact purpose. V revealed in their comeback live that he wrote this song with the feeling of a burn out in his mind.

He added that blue in the title meant depression. Grey, on the other hand, was inspired by RM's use of grey in his music. 

V in a perm for Seasons Greeting

The song starts off with a call for help from an angel. Jungkook then proceeds with his verse, 'I guess everyone is happy. Can you look at me? Cause I'm Blue and Grey' These are the feelings of someone who is depressed.

They find everyone else happy in their lives, and they want someone to notice that they are not happy. This song beautifully mentions how a gloomy person suppresses their emotions and struggles to speak up. 

The chorus, as sung by Jin, is a confession that 'I just wanna be happier Let the frozen me melt.' All the vocalists of the group join in on the chorus and turn it into art. V ends it by asking, 'I just wanna be happier. Is this a big greed?' Aren't these words just so sincere?  

Jimin's verse 'Don't say it's okay because it's not okay. Please don't leave me alone it hurts so much'. Did you notice how they used 'It's okay' in the lyrics? Isn't that a common phrase often said to someone struggling. It points out the toxic positivity that these empty words provide.

BTS in their comeback live

There is a beautiful line towards the end, 'I'll tell you when I smile in the distant future' This line is for the one who was the hope through the gloom or the gloom itself. Whoever it is addressed to, it for them to know that I will be happy in the future, and I will smile. 

The 25-year-old singer put a lot of sincerity and thought into this song. It sure does provide the hope one needs in gloominess. We cannot stop listening to this beautiful song. Check out V's incredible vocals in his song singularity below!

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