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Heartwarming reaction of BTS fans to 'Dream ON' music video!

The K-pop band never fails to surprise us! They dropped a heart-touching music video on January 15, 2021, and, the fans are crying their eyes out at it. All of them are showing their overwhelming responses, and we can't disagree with even a single one of them. The video truly is an emotional roller coaster ride. Scroll down to see some of the most touching responses by BTS fans!  

  • The 'Dream On' MV showcases TinyTAN in it which are the animated versions of BTS members.
  • TinyTAN were launched on October 13, 2019, by BTS' label Big Hit Entertainment and since then fans can't stop swooning over them.
  • To make them more relatable for the fans, the company creates animated scenes based on the actual events of the band. 
TinyTAN: BTS' animated version

BTS released the TinyTAN version of 'Dream ON' music video on their YouTube channel 'BANGTANTV'. Since it was not a scheduled release, fans all over the world got highly surprised by it!

BTS posing for the camera

The reason behind their heartening reaction is the way the video has been created. It shows how a girl, depicting the fans, feels with and without BTS in her daily life.

The darkness in the room before the TinyTAN characters appear and the burst of purple lights once they enter the scene is a true depiction of how the band brightens up their lives. So let's take a look at what they are saying!

Fan's comment under the video

A fan's comment beautifully summed up BTS' impact, and we can't agree enough! Their music and positivity has given hope to millions of the people. It motivates the ARMY (BTS fans) to keep going and live on their lives. They truly are the saviors!

Fan's comment while crying
Fan's crying response

Some other fans expressed their emotions as they shared that the video made them cry. It made them happy as the video wished through a sweet message:

When this song ends, May you be a little happier

But at the same time they cried. A LOT!
We also felt similar emotions. The video reminded us of the band's gifted presence, and we cried while feeling thankful for them.

Fan's comment

When the whole fandom is talking about the boys, how can the Indian fans stay behind? They commented about how the group has supported them and thanked for the members' precious existence. These guys just don't even know how much they mean to us!

Fan's comment

Same is the case with us. Never knew an animation could attack us this way! But we are not even complaining, are we?

Fan's comment on YouTube

As the video approached towards the end, they loved Suga's reassuring smile and so did we! This comment highlighted how the members actually help them in achieving their dreams.

V's little cry and the boys getting sad when they are leaving the girl shows how they feel at the end of the concerts.

Just like us, they too feel down at going away from us. But they still try their best to comfort us. Whether it be through fireworks, the member's comforting smile, or their heartwarming words, they make sure that the fans cheer up. Why are these boys so sweet? It makes us cry!

BTS talking to the fans

TinyTAN are equally cute. We loved how the animation rightly captured the actual emotions.

The fans are totally right with their reaction to the video. What do you think about the music video and fans' emotive response to it? Do you agree with them too? Let us know in the comments below. Check out the MV to let TinyTAN brighten up your day! 


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