Have you ever wondered why K-Pop is so popular worldwide?

I mean, we don't even understand the lyrics of the songs. However, the K-Pop wave seems to have come to stay. Keep reading to find out what makes these Korean bands so popular.

  • The most popular K-Pop band nowadays is BTS with 13.6 million fans around the world. 
  • In 2007 very popular Korean girl bands like Wonder Girls started succeeding in the USA for their vintage style and some English-speaking songs.
  • Kim Jaejoong from JYJ is said to be the richest K-Pop artist with an estimated net worth of $80 million. 

It's strange how some musical groups can cross borders and language barriers.

We've seen it in the Latin Shakira, and we've lived it since the last millennium with the great successes of American bands succeeding in non-English speaking markets.

Today we're experiencing the Hallyu (Korean wave).

The world is at the feet of these young people from South Korea and their songs have been ranking first on world charts for more than a decade.

Have you ever wondered why we can't stop ourselves from liking this genre?

All K-Pop bands come from big companies that are dedicated to entertainment.

JYP is one of the biggest K-Pop artists' factory of South-Korea

They're like factories of mass consumer products but focused on music.

This means that they produce as many K-Pop bands as tastes are in the world.

It's like betting on all numbers on a casino roulette.

You always win.

These ladies are Blackpink. K-Pop is fashion too

The members of these bands are insanely talented, they sing, dance, rap and have an impeccable image from their hair to their blinding shiny skins.

This is why it doesn't really matter if we don't understand the lyrics, the melody is so catchy and the artists so good that we can't help but surrender to their feet.

What is your favorite K-pop band and why?

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