Will this new girl group called Lesserafim? Will this new girl group called Lesserafim?

HYBE x Source Music will launch a new girl group and this is all you need to know

New music is coming from a new girl group that HYBE and Source Music have been working on, get to know everything about them

HYBE and Source Music teamed up to create a new K-Pop group, which new idols will we meet in this upcoming idol group debut?

Although in K-Pop there are already many groups with a long and successful career, South Korean music agencies continue to work to launch new groups and captivate more audiences generation after generation. Every year we have new girl groups and boy bands.

Companies like HYBE, one of the biggest that grew thanks to BTS and got bigger by debuting new groups like TXT and ENHYPEN, as well as joining SEVENTEEN to their ranks, for example. In this way they enhance many groups together. And the fans enjoy all of these.

But HYBE is also still looking for new talents and has its trainees who are more and more ready to debut. And this time with his sub-label Source Music he has brought together the best talents to bring a new group to K-Pop that could be interesting for you.

This time HYBE x Source Music have a new girl group that you shouldn't lose track of and here we have all the details so you can get to know them.

Get to know everything about HYBE x Source Music's new girl group

According to K-Media, HYBE and Source Music are working on a new K-Pop girl group, it will have a lineup made up of 6 girls. On March 25, Source Music released a teaser that could hint at more aspects of this upcoming idol group.

In the press it is also theorized about the name of this new girl group, it could be 'Lesserafim', a word that HYBE officially registered last year.

Source Music's teaser | Twitter: @KoreanUpdates

Do you have everything ready to receive this new girl group? Here we also introduce you to the members who will debut with this new K-Pop group.

Who made up the new HYBE x Source Music girl group?

According to the information, the new girl group of HYBE and Source Music will have 6 members, some of these girls the public already knew because this will be their second girl group. While other girls still remain anonymous until their debut.

These are the known girls who will be a part of Lesserafim | Twitter: @LesserafimNews_

 How exiting! New and already known talents will be part of this new girl group, will their debut be closer than we all expect?

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop groups, like BTS, do you know which members are a part of its visual line?

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