SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun spoiler alert SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun spoiler alert

HOT might be SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun title track and here's why

SEVENTEEN is spoiling its next album and something tells CARAT that 'HOT' might be Face The Sun's title track

'Face The Sun' is SEVENTEEN's next full album, the group's comeback is closer than we expect and its title track might be called 'HOT', and here's why CARAT thinks so.

SEVENTEEN has given the best songs to the world, there are a lot of amazing tracks from this band and we can name some of the most recent hits that the idol group released such as 'Ready To Love' or 'Rock With You', for example.

It's been some time sine last SVT's Korean comeback, with 'Attacca' they took over the world and showed a new side of the whole group, its subunits and the members. They're ready now for new music and performances for fans.

That's why we're ready for 'Face The Sun', the next full album of SEVENTEEN, it'll be the fourth one, it'll have five versions, new inclusions, we still don't know how many songs it'll have but its lyric book will have 16 pages, it means a lot of songs.

And speaking about songs, 'HOT' might be the title track for 'Face The Sun', since some SEVENTEEN members are kinda spoiling with this word.

Is 'HOT' going to be the name of SEVENTEEN Face The Sun's title track? Vernon and Jun spoiled with this word

The show MMTG collaborated with SEVENTEEN's variety show 'Going Seventeen', the cast of both shows gathered together in the set and there were some things that made CARAT suspect about the next SVT's album. Vernon and Jun wrote the word 'HOT' in their board. The Hansol's one said 'Stream HOT, Darling'. OMG.

SEVENTEEN's spoilers for Face The Sun | Twitter: @17_goinggoing

CARAT also remembered that at 2022 CARATLAND, Hoshi said that the next full album was going to be 'HOT and passionate', so it might happen to be that this one will be the name of title track, OMG.

SEVENTEEN also spoiled hair color for Face The Sun this time

In these new photos of MMGT x Going SEVENTEEN, we saw the idols with new hair colors, this is also a spoiler, Woozi had yellow hair and THE8 red hair, OMG. Both are brilliant colors and we just don't know what to expect from this.

SEVENTEEN new hair colors | Twitter: @SVTColombia

Soooo we have a lot to expect from SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun, they also said this time it'll be a truly dark concept and that the members will reveal their inner self in each song.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, here we have a quiz for you, who from Hip-Hop Team would date you? 

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