Gyuri said goodbye to Flover with a letter Gyuri said goodbye to Flover with a letter

Gyuri writes a goodbye letter to fromis_9 fans after leaving the girl group

fromis_9 now has one less member since Gyuri left the group, but she wrote a heartfelt message to the fans

Gyuri thanked Flover for all the support they gave her in her career with fromis_9, thus the idol said goodbye to her fans.

fromis_9 is a K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2018 after its members were selected through the reality show 'Idol School'. 9 girls were part of this group, their agency from the beginning was CJ E&M. But from 2021 there were changes that may not have made all idols happy.

In August 2021, fromis_9 was managed by another agency, 8 of the girl group members signed a new contract with Pledis Entertainment, but as you can see, not all of them wanted to change companies. Jang Gyuri was the only girl who decided to stick with her original agency.

It's been almost a year since fromis_9 made that big change and now we know that after thinking better of it, Gyuri decided to leave the group. This news could be sad for many fans, but they still decided to support her and wish her luck on her new path.

Gyuri is also very grateful to Flover, the fandom that supported her since her debut with fromis_9, so she left them a great message in a letter she posted as a farewell to her girl group and to her fans.

Gyuri says goodbye and thanks fromis_9 fans for all the support he received since his debut with this letter

Through Weverse, Gyuri decided to post a handwritten letter thanking fromis_9's fans for their support since his debut. In addition to also giving them a proper farewell after the spontaneous news about her leaving her girl group. She put her heart into this message for Flover.

Please look forward and give lots of love to fromis_9’s cool promotions, who are continuing to rise. I will also become a Flover and support fromis_9 with you.

Thank you and I love you.

Gyuri's letter for fans | Twitter: @hayoungsiiii

 Farewells are always bittersweet, but we hope that Flover will give all her love to fromis_9 and also to Jang Gyuri on their new path.

What will Gyuri do in the future?

It is very likely that from now on, Gyuri will focus more on her acting career, in fact she has already acted in K-Dramas and maybe now that she left K-Pop we will see her in many more projects for television and even the cinema. We know that she will have all the support from her fans and we will also be supporting her a lot.

Gyuri is gonna focus on her acting career | Twitter: @gangstergyul0t9

The future looks bright for fromis_9 and Gyuri too, we are sure that they will have great achievements from now on and that the idols' love for each other and their careers will never end.

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