Gyuri is not a part of fromis_9 anymore Gyuri is not a part of fromis_9 anymore

Gyuri is leaving fromis_9 and Pledis Entertainment, why did she make this decision?

fromis_9 will have one less member since Gyuri decided to leave the girl group and the agency, what happened?

Pledis Entertainment reported that Jang Gyuri has decided to leave fromis_9 and the agency itself as well, why will she no longer be a part of the girl group?

fromis_9 is a K-Pop girl group debuted by CJ E&M through the reality show Idol School that took place in 2017. After selecting the best participants, 9 girls formed this band and soon they would show all their talents together. and great skills.

3 years after their debut, in 2021, Pledis Entertainment acquired the management of fromis_9, since then various changes have occurred for their idols. This since in turn, Pledis joined HYBE so in the end this girl group was part of the ranks of said company.

It really seemed that everything was going well, fromis_9 has participated in various activities of their company, such as Weverse Con at the end of 2021, HYBE's variety show where they met other idol groups, and so on. But actually not all the members were completely under Pledis.

And now, Jang Gyuri will be leaving fromis_9. The idol has decided to end her contract with Pledis Entertainment as well, so now she will go her own way.

Gyuri will no longer be a part of fromis_9 and also terminated her relationship with Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Entertainment reported that Gyuri would no longer be a part of fromis_9, to begin with, she did not join Pledis Entertainment in 2021, she continued with the group's original agency contract while her other members signed with Pledis. Now, after a year of this, the agency and the idol have decided that it is best for her to continue her path individually and end her relationship with the girl group and the company.

Gyuri leaves fromis_9 | Twitter: @lmthe_yeon

Gyuri will most likely continue with his original agency, CJ E&M. In addition to having a career as an idol, she is also an actress, so we will surely see her in new projects. Her fans wish her the best of luck and will be supporting her on her new path.

What will happen to fromis_9 now that it will have one less member?

Pledis revealed that there are many activities for fromis_9 which will now continue with only 8 members. From August when they have their fanmeeting and activities in Japan. The agency said that the 8 idols signed a new exclusive contract from August 2021, so the K-Pop group will continue with the company for a longer time.


We are sure that all the girls will do well, both Gyuri individually and her now ex-groupmates from now on, they're truly talented and will continue shining.

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