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Giselle from Aespa opens up about how hard was getting into SM

Incredibly, Giselle is the only member of the group Aespa who managed to enter SM Entertainment through an open audition among thousands of aspiring idols. Read on to find out how he did it and how difficult it is to audition for such a large company.  

  • Uchinaga Eri is a 20-year-old Japanese singer and rapper.
  • Giselle broke records by being the least entertaining idol to debut in a K-pop group just eleven months after becoming a trainee at the company founded by Lee Soo Man.
  • At the same time, she is the only Aespa member who is fluent in English thanks to her training at a prestigious Japanese bilingual institution called Sacred Heart in Tokyo.
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On the occasion of an interview conducted for KBS Indonesia Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle shared how they experienced their respective additions to SM Entertainment.

While Giselle's three other band mates were recruited by company agents for being extremely talented in their respective areas(Winter in a dance contest, Ning Ning after winning a singing competition in China, and Karina for her popularity on social media thanks to her innate beauty), Uchinaga was chosen from thousands of attendees at the famous Saturday Open Auditions.

Giselle from Aespa.

Apparently, it's a very difficult instance to pass. When someone has a dream they must firmly believe in it and embark on an adventure to achieve their goals.

This is the motto of Giselle who got the opportunity of her life thanks to her tenacity. Many point out that the idol was helped by her powerful family.

The 20-year-old singer appears to be from a wealthy family and in fact, her aunt is Johee Cho, Korea's reporter and bureau chief of ABC News based in Seoul.


Despite this, the idol is the eighth young woman to pass the Saturday Open Auditions and become a K-pop star.

On October 28th, 2020, the “Black Mamba” singer was officially introduced as the last member from Aespa to premiere on November 17th and fans flooded social media with rumors of all kinds about her.

One of them was the fact that Giselle was a bully back in high school and was pointed out as a troublemaker in her teen years, but this was all proved to be false.

Aespa on the red carpet of KBS Song Festival 2020.

What was most striking was the fact that her training period was particularly short.

An internal source points out that Giselle actually prepared independently for years to audition before SM's recruiters.

Anyway, her band mates pointed out on December 22nd, when Aespa's interview for KBS Indonesia aired, that they deeply admired the band's main rapper for having had enough talent to pass such a great test and that they feel very lucky to have her as a friend and companion.

Here we leave you the complete interview. Leave us your comments about it below.

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