Girls' Generation members Girls' Generation members

Girls' Generation prepares new surprises for its 15th anniversary comeback

Are you ready for the Nation's girl group comeback? Girls' Generation will be back with a reality show.

The legends are coming back! Girls' Generation is one of the most important groups in K-Pop history. These talented ladies are the favorites of tons of Idols of the current generation, boys and girls.

"Into The New World", "I Got A Boy", " MR. MR." or "Lion Heart". The career of these Idols has given us too many hits that nowadays are considered classics of the K-Pop culture. is almost impossible to say which one is their best song.

Girls' Generation for 'Lion Heart' / Twitter @luduchiha

Finally, after five years of hiatus, the full group is ready to take the stage again. SNDS will be celebrating its 15th anniversary with new music and more surprises. Are you excited about it? Let's see what the group has prepared.

Girls' Generation will be back with a reality show

On June 9th was revealed that Girls Generation is working with JTBC for a new reality show. Apparently, 7 members all the members already record the show. Because of her schedule, Seohyun didn't participate in it.

Gils' Generation members / Twitter @UpdateKGirls

Joining the celebrations for the 15th anniversary, the upcoming SNDS show will be premiered in July. Just a few weeks later the group will be doing its comeback in August.

Despite not being working together for a long time, the members constantly met each other during the hiatus. The Idols shared those special moments on social media and the fans are really happy to see them having a good time.

This reality is the perfect opportunity to enjoy again the amazing chemistry of the members off stage. All of them are close friends and their powerful sisterhood is still strong even after 15 years since their debut. We are waiting for the concrete release date to be announced.

Do you want to know more about the comeback of Girls' Generation? We have all the details for you.

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