Girls' Generation for 'FOREVER 1' Girls' Generation for 'FOREVER 1'

Girls' Generation members are cosmic princesses in the new teasers for 'FOREVER 1'

Girls' Generation is revealing more about its upcoming album 'FOREVER 1'. The new teasers "COSMIC FESTA" are gogeous!

The entire K-Pop world is celebrating that Girls' Generation is coming back. Despite being working in different agencies, the 8 members are together again for the 15th anniversary. They are ready to shake the industry with new music.

SONE has been waiting for the upcoming album "FOREVER 1". Finally, SM Entertainment is revealing more about this anticipated project. As usual, these gorgeous ladies are offering an eye-catching concept.

'COSMIC FESTA' Taeyeon's photo / Twitter @GirlsGeneration

This new album is using many references to some iconic singles of the girl group such as "Mr. Taxi" and "Into The New World". However, this project will be really different, this is what the new teasers are showing.

Girls Generation drops the 'COSMIC FESTA' teaser series

On July 30th Girls' Generation revealed the Mood Sampler called "Into The New World". It is an interesting clip where we can see Tiffany arriving in a futuristic scenario. There, the rest of the members are waiting for her.

Hyoyeon for 'FOREVER 1' / Twitter @GirlsGeneration

On July 31 and August 1st the group dropped individual teaser pictures of the eith Idols. The "COSMIC FESTA" teasers have a very different style from the "MR. TAXI ones. This time the members are posing in colorful intergalactic scenes.

Seohyun's teaser picture / Twitter @GirlsGeneration
'COSMIC FESTA' teaser photo of Sunny / Twitter @GirlsGeneration

This concept is making the fans crazy. Apparently, the members are on another planet, it looks like a sci-fi movie. However, the distinctive girly style of the group is present with a lot of pink and other soft vibes.

Sooyoung for 'FOREVER 1' / Twitter @GirlsGeneration
Yuri's 'COSMIC FESTA' teaser / Twitter @GirlsGeneration

We cannot leave without talking about the stunning outfits. SNSD is a group with just fashionista members. The sci-fi pop star style suits them perfectly. Is almost impossible to choose a favorite outfit.

Tiffany's teaser photo / Twitter @GirlsGeneration

Let us know what is your favorite teaser picture.

Yoona's teaser photo / Twitter @GirlsGeneration

Don't miss anything about this comeback. Check here the schedule for 'FOREVER 1'.

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