aespa's official promotional poster.

Get to know the new aespa avatar introduced by SM Entertainment

We can't wait any longer for November 17 to find out what this new girl group will sound like. At the same time, fans are eager to discover what surprises SM has prepared with this release in terms of virtual reality. Luckily during the last days we were able to see some videos with some clues. Keep reading and you will discover which is the new avatar that was presented and some curious information.  

  • The debut single will be called “Black Mamba” and I've been wondering if this band will have a rockier sound than the others.
  • Especially because of the background music in the videos that have been seen in the last days.
  •  I also think this, because the girls have been seen with bladed weapons and a warrior style. 
Karina, Winter, Ning Ning and Giselle are the 4 human members of aespa

aespa promises surprises and technology never seen before.

Last Tuesday a video was released where we were able to discover Winter's avatar. This girl, far from being cold as the season, has an angelic and warm image.

However, she is relentless with Katana in hand.

Her version ae is identical to her and it's amazing how good they look together on screen.

It seems that Kim Min-jeong  AKA Winter, in her 20s already has many skills.

One of her nicknames is Baby Bunny, and she has been training for 3-5 years to enter the world of idols.

Born in South Korea, she was the first band member announced by SM in October.

What do you think of the ae-Winter?

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