Everything about new boy group TNX Everything about new boy group TNX

Get to know TNX, the first P Nation's boy group that you'll love

TNX is a new idol group from P Nation, here we tell you everything you need to know about this new K-Pop group

P Nation is all set to debut a new boy idol group, it's about TNX and here we have all the reasons why you should stan them.

P Nation is one of the Korean music companies, it is led and directed by the famous singer PSY who has had great success as a solo artist but is also a composer and producer. In addition to finding great talent and training them for stardom with his music agency.

Among the artists that are part of P Nation we can find Jessi, Hyuna, Dawn, Crush, Heize and more who have totally shined in the South Korean music industry and actually have international fans today as well. This music agency has more and more power thanks to its stars.

If you noticed, P Nation only had solo artists, there was no girl group or boy band among the ranks of artists belonging to that company. Until now, because through the program 'LOUD', this agency formed their first boy group and they are ready to debut.

So here we tell you all about TNX, P Nation's first boy group that you should listen to as soon as they debut. K-Pop fans are patiently waiting for this new idol group, right?

Everything about TNX, P Nation's first idol group you must listen to

As previously mentioned, P Nation formed TNX from the reality show 'LOUD', in which the most ready trainees to debut were hidden and thus joined in the same group.

P Nation's LOUD | Pinterest: @Diiwonnie

They are the guys who are part of TNX, we leave you their names and photos so you can start to recognize them.


Taehun from TNX | Twitter: @taehunarchives


TNX's Kyungjun | Twitter: @kyvngjuns


Hyunsoo from TNX | Twitter: @TNXmessages


TNX's Junhyeok | Twitter: @starfess


Hwi from TNX | Twitter: @TNXmessages


Sungjun from TNX | Twitter: @TNX_Official

TNX already has the name of their first mini album, it is 'Way Up' which is already on pre-order and fans can start acquiring it to have it as soon as it is released.

TNX's debut mini album 'Way Up' | Twitter: @TNX_Official

May 17, 2022 is the debut date of TNX, we are still a few days away from this incredible event and the fans of the boy band are already extremely excited. We hope that they can shine brilliantly on stage.

TNX debut date | Twitter: @kr_now

Are you ready for this debut? We really want to listen to TNX, we can't wait for them to hit the stage for the very first time!

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