GOT7's parents gave some gifts to AHGASE on the group's fancon GOT7's parents gave some gifts to AHGASE on the group's fancon

GOT7's parents brought a special gift for AHGASE to the group's fancon

GOT7 has created a big family and the members' parents spoiled AHGASE with a small gift on 'HOMECOMING'

AHGASE and GOT7 met once again at the group's fancon, HOMECOMING was great for everyone and even the parents of the idols of this boy band were present and gave gifts for the fans.

GOT7 is back and with great power, the idol group is about to have its long-awaited comeback after a year of leaving JYP Entertainment and that during 2021, all of them dedicated themselves more to their projects and music individually. So the fans can not be more than happy.

And it is that GOT7 is not only a K-Pop group, it has become a whole family thanks to the experiences, moments and all the memories that these artists have created together. Their relationship is so cute and close that even the parents of these idols get along.

And for the boy band's comeback, the GOT7 family couldn't be more than excited. Ahead of the highly anticipated release of their 'GOT7' EP, the idol group celebrated HOMECOMING. The group's fancon was held in Korea and had many surprises for AHGASE who was finally able to share time with his favorite band.

Even the parents of GOT7 were a surprise at HOMECOMING they brought a gift for the group's fans, what did they share with AHGASE?

GOT7's parents brought rice cakes to AHGASE at HOMECOMING

GOT7's parents showed that they also love their children and fans very much, as they brought 777 rice cakes to the idol group's fancon. These were a gift for the fans who received them happily, we don't know if everyone ate them, because they had the group's logo. But AHGASE showed on social networks that he had acquired one of these gifts.

GOT7's parents giving rice cakes to AHGASE | Twitter: @amy_igot7

Awww! This is a great present, they prepared a lot of these to give out to fans, aren't this parents amazing? This is a great highlight of HOMECOMING.

GOT7's parents rice cakes | Twitter: @amy_igot7

 GOT7's parents have a great friendship

GOT7's parents also had moments together at the group's fancon, in addition to handing out rice cakes, they were also behind the scenes. They have a great friendship, aren't they the cutest thing in the world? We love GOT7 and everything that goes with it.

GOT7's parents in HOMECOMING | Twitter: @dlawosud

GOT7 is great, don't you think? Also the big family that the idols and their parents have formed, they all really have a special relationship.

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