GOT7's Youngjae for 'Sugar' GOT7's Youngjae for 'Sugar'

GOT7's Youngjae drops the addictive song 'SUGAR', this is the best of his comeback

The members of GOT7 surprise the world with their solo music.  Finally, Youngjae is back with the addictive song "SUGAR".

Last month, GOT7 went back to the scenarios with "NANANA". This was the first comeback since the group left its original agency, JYP Entertainment. Even though the members work under different labels, they have proved how much they love to be together.

Nowadays, these talented Idols are preparing individual projects. All of them are supporting the one who is dropping a new project. Well, it's time to encourage the new album of Youngjae. He is back with "SUGAR", an album and title single with the same name.

Youngjae's new mini-album 'SUGAR' / Twitter @YOUNGJAExArs

This is the second album of the 25 year-old singer. In 2021 Youngjae dropped its Ep. "COLORS from Ars". It was a bright project full of soft music. Now, the Idol is showing a more mature side. What is the best of SUGAR?

GOT7's Youngjae drops music video for SUGAR

On June 21st Youngjae of GOT7 revealed his new album "SUGAR". The homonym title single came with a wonderful music video. The Idol seems to be the owner of a beautiful mansion. Everything is luxurious in the gorgeous place.

GOT7's Youngjae for 'SUGAR' / Twitter @PajarracasDGot7

It follows a cute love story. Apparently, he is offering big parties to conquer the heart of a woman. However, we don't want to spit spoilers, all we are going to say is that this mysterious lady is hiding something.

What is SUGAR about?

The lyrics are the confession of the Idol to a girl that he really likes. There are some opposite feelings, his love is sweet as sugar, but he knows a lot of sugar is not good. Anyways, it is a cheerful song.

The protagonist is the background guitar working perfectly with a soft beat. Youngjae's voice sounds amazing in this tack, also, he is exploring something new with some melodic rap lines. Is there something he cannot do? Check the full video here.

GOT7's parents are very sweet just like the members. Check here what they did to take care of the fans.

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