Jay B and Jinyoung from GOT7 Jay B and Jinyoung from GOT7

GOT7's Jay B and Jinyoung recreate an iconic scene of 'Dream High 2'

The members of GOT7 Jay B and Jinyoung are  giving the fans a special performance. Do you want to see them dancing like on "Dream High 2" days? This is what they did.

In 2021 the label JYP Entertainment announced all the members of GOT7 were leaving the company. The Idols took the decision not to re-sign a contract with this agency but they didn't disband the group.

Despite the hiatus of GOT7 the guys are always in contact with each other and they let the fans know it. Recently Jay B and Jinyoung were together in a radio show and shared a great moment for the fans.

Jay B & Jinyoung at Station Z / By @Jiaerism_

Jay B and Jinyoung dance together the "Dream High 2" scene

Jay B is host of radio show Station Z. On April 20 Jinyoung attended the show as a guest. The GOT7 members reunion was full of stories and laughs.

After the show, the Idols posted a video of themselves dancing the same choreography for their scene in the K-Drama "Dream High 2". It was a dance battle between both singers. In the original scene Jay B won the competition, this time, the new version has Jinyoung as the winner.

What Dream High 2 is about?

In 2012 the tv show "Dream High 2" was released. It was the story of some students pursuing their dream of becoming K-Pop Idols.

Jinyoung for 'Dream High 2' / By @gargi_def

The production of the drama was a collaboration of various K-Pop agencies including JYP Entertainment. As a result both members of GOT7 worked in this project as actors.

Jay B for 'Dream High 2' / By @JBGOT7Chile

AHGASE is happy with the members recalling the old days. Did you like it?

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