How Jackson Wang's parents reacted when he joined JYP Entertainment How Jackson Wang's parents reacted when he joined JYP Entertainment

GOT7's Jackson reveals how his parents reacted to him joining JYP Entertainment

Jackson Wang joined JYP Entertainment through an audition, how did his parents react when he passed this audition?

It has been many years since Jackson Wang joined JYP Entertainment to start preparing for and later debut with GOT7 (and later leave JYP). But what was the reaction of Jackson's parents when he joined the K-Pop company?

The world got to know all of Jackson Wang talents as a rapper, singer, and dancer for GOT7 in 2014. In that year, the idol group debuted with said artist among its ranks. Although Jackson's story was not easy, as he had to travel from China and learn Korean to succeed in K-Pop.

It was in 2011 that Wang joined JYP Entertainment, the agency under which he would later debut with GOT7. He only spent 3 years as a trainee before being part of the idol group that would see him shine for the next 7 years. When the boy band celebrated its seventh anniversary, it was a defining moment for all the members.

In 2021, all of the GOT7 idols decided to leave JYP Entertainment, as well as fighting for the rights to their music. They each joined a different label starting in 2021. Since then, Jackson has been on 88rising releasing new solo music.

But let's go back to the beginnings of Jackson Wang, as this artist revealed how his parents reacted when he joined JYP Entertainment in the distant 2011.

This was the reaction of Jackson Wang's parents when he joined JYP Entertainment

Before he became a trainee, Jackson Wang was an Olympic athlete, did you know that? In 2011 he was preparing for the London Olympics when he too was already thinking about taking his career in music. At first, his parents were not supportive, telling him that he was out of his mind for wanting a career in music and not in sports.

When Jackson revealed to his parents that in fact he had already done an audition and had passed it, his mother's reaction was even funnier, because she told him that this was a lie, that there was no agency and that they were surely going to kidnap him and she would never see him again.

You know what? They told me about this! Entertainment!? No, they’re gonna kidnap you and put you in a cave! You’re not gonna do that! We’re never gonna see you again!


But finally, Jackson's parents let him go to Korea to fulfill his dream and later he was able to debut with GOT7 and show his great talent to the world.

After leaving JYP Entertainment, Jackson Wang returned to China to spend more time with his parents

10 years passed for Jackson Wang to be able to reunite with his parents properly, because perhaps during his years with GOT7 between tours, comebacks and performances he had not been able to really be with them. So after he left JYP Entertainment he went back to China to be with them. He really loves his family.

Jackson Wang has a big heart and his love for his parents shows it. It's great to see that he can now spend time with them after dedicating himself to his music career and fulfilling his dream.

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