Are you ready for GOT7's comeback? Are you ready for GOT7's comeback?

GOT7 reveals the name of their next EP and its release date, their comeback is near!

GOT7's long-awaited comeback is coming much sooner than we expected, when will their next EP be released?

After the long wait, GOT7 will have a great comeback with which all its members will take the stage again, when will they release their new EP?

The history of GOT7 is great, this idol group debuted in 2014 under the company JYP Entertainment and achieved great achievements throughout their career and for their agency. But in 2021, when the idols' contract ended, all of them decided not to renew it with the company anymore.

This kept AHGASE on the lookout, many thought that GOT7 would disband, but it never did. The K-Pop group managed to obtain the rights to their name and music and would continue independently as a group. Although from then on, all the boys in the boy band concentrated on their solo projects.

But this did not mean that they did not continue being a band or thinking about the great fandom that has followed them for 8 years since their debut. At the beginning of 2022 the rumors began, would GOT7 have a comeback? AHGASE was hopeful and little by little there were more spoilers confirming that the group would release something together again.

Now everything is fully confirmed, GOT7 will have their long-awaited comeback very soon and we are very excited because the idol group revealed the name of their next EP and its release date. GOT7 is finally back!

GOT7 is all set for their comeback with 'GOT7' EP, when will it be released?

The name of GOT7's next EP is 'GOT7' and it will be released on May 23, 2022. OMG! We are a couple of weeks away from GOT7's comeback, this is an amazing implement. AHGASE is happier than ever and will welcome this new music with open arms.

GOT7 comeback announcement | Twitter: @GOT7

We are very happy to know that GOT7's comeback is finally a fact and that very soon we will have new music from the idol group, it will be simply spectacular.

GOT7 welcomed their new era on social media

A few days ago, GOT7 debuted their new social networks with a new logo and concept. Well, the group belongs to its members and now that is in a new era, it has a new profile on Twitter and Instagram that fans can follow. That's also where they'll be sharing the new updates very soon.

GOT7 new era | Twitter: @GOT7

Surely GOT7 has a lot of surprises up their sleeves for all of their fans who have been patiently waiting for a comeback from the idol group.

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