GOT7's new tracklist for 'GOT7' GOT7's new tracklist for 'GOT7'

GOT7 releases the tracklist for their comeback, what new songs will their EP have?

'GOT7' is the name of GOT7's next EP, we will have new songs very soon as the idol group revealed the comeback tracklist

The wait for AHGASE is almost over as GOT7's comeback is closer than ever. With the EP 'GOT7' they will demonstrate a new stage as a group and their songs will be great, the tracklist proves it!

GOT7 fans have been waiting for a comeback from the group for over a year now. After leaving JYP Entertainment, the 7 members of the group concentrated more on their personal projects and solo careers. But they never forgot about the band and their fans.

This is why the excitement of AHGASE was never lost, the fandom knew that at any moment the members of GOT7 would get together to make music once again. Although obviously the pandemic could also prevent it because after all, some of them had returned to their countries of birth.

Since the beginning of 2022, rumors of a GOT7 comeback were increasing, and the small spoilers provided by BamBam gave AHGASE a lot of hope. Nobody could wait for this comeback to become official and we could have new music from this great K-Pop group.

Now we know that GOT7's comeback is a reality, the idol group will return to the stage with the EP 'GOT7' that already has its tracklist and generates great expectations for its new songs.

GOT7 reveal tracklist for their GOT7 EP, these are all the new songs for their comeback

Through their official social networks, GOT7 released the tracklist for their upcoming EP 'GOT7'. This will feature 6 new songs, some of them featuring JAY B, Jinyoung, and Yugyeom. So AHGASE will have a lot of new music to listen to with the personal stamp of the group's idols.

GOT7's 'GOT7' tracklist | Twitter: @GOT7

The title track for 'GOT7' will be 'NANANA', although there are very flashy titles on this new EP, we already want to hear all these songs, we know they will have the great quality that GOT7 idols are used to.

 When will GOT7 release their GOT7 EP?

May 23, 2022 is the date GOT7 will release their new EP 'GOT7', less than a couple of weeks to hear the idol group's new music after AHGASE's long wait for their comeback, do you have all ready? We can't wait for these artists to return to the stage together.

'GOT7' by GOT7 will be released on May 23 | Twitter: @GOT7

We just have to wait a little longer for GOT7's big comeback, all the idols got together to make music and soon they will be back on stage with an incredible performance, we can't wait to see them.

Keep reading more about GOT7 and its members, here we tell you everything about their activity schedule for 'GOT7', don't miss out the teasers and more concepts! 

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