GOT7's comeback activity schedule GOT7's comeback activity schedule

GOT7 release the activity schedule for their comeback, AHGASE is ready for this

GOT7 will have their long-awaited comeback with the new EP 'GOT7' which now has its promotion schedule with many activities before its release

GOT7 has everything ready for their big comeback, the 'GOT7' EP will show us a new stage of the group and we will have many teasers and previews before its release.

In 2014 GOT7 debuted as a great K-Pop group under the label of JYP Entertainmente, since then the 7 members of the boy band have worked hard on their music and performances to give their best to their fans. After 7 years of the group, in 2021 it had a big change.

GOT7 decided not to continue with JYP's contract and the world assumed that the idol group would disband, but it never did. Although the members of this band decided to continue with different agencies, they never forgot their group. So they were still together even in the distance.

Although throughout 2021, GOT7 idols focused on their solo plans, 2022 brings something great for AHGASE, the band's fandom. Finally, the group's long-awaited comeback is closer than ever and we can't wait to hear more about the group's new release.

GOT7 has a new logo that indicates the new era of the idol group, the band's comeback will be with the EP 'GOT7' which now has its calendar of promotional activities.

GOT7 reveals GOT7 EP promotion schedule, all these activities will be part of their comeback

Through their official social media, GOT7 released the promotion schedule for their 'GOT7' EP. Before the release of this new album, we will have many activities, teasers, previews, and more content that will excite fans for the idol group's comeback.

GOT7's comeback activity schedule | Twitter: @GOT7

GOT7's 'GOT7' will be released on May 23, 2022, so we're just under two weeks away from finally hearing the K-Pop group's new music, enjoying their new songs, and more of the idols together. one more time.

 GOT7's GOT7 is now on preorder for AHGASE to purchase

The presale for 'GOT7' is now available, the album has 7 different versions, one for each member. The idol group showed all the content that the album will have, which is already on pre-sale and you can purchase it.

GOT7's new EP is now on pre-sale | Twitter: @GOT7

We like the simple and minimalist design of 'GOT7', we are sure that AHGASE will buy many albums as he is really excited for this comeback of the idol group after the long wait.

Keep reading more about GOT7 and its comeback, they'll also have a very special concert for AHGASE, get to know everything about HOMECOMING

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