GOT7's comeback is near GOT7's comeback is near

GOT7 has its long-awaited comeback ready, it's closer than you thought

GOT7's comeback is almost here! And this is everything we know so far since BamBam, king of spoilers, revealed something new

AHGASE has been waiting for a GOT7's comeback for so long but maybe the wait is over since BamBam revealed more about the new music in which the idols worked on.

GOT7 is an amazing idol group, full of talented artists who show their best sides for fans. They've been together for 8 years now, in 2021 after their 7th anniversary they all together left JYP Entertainment, the K-Pop agency which debuted them.

A lot of fans and also media were thinking that GOT7 leaving JYP meant that they were disbanding, but the truth is that they weren't. Even if since then the 7 members of the boy band focused on their solo projects, they have the group still in mind.

So, AHGASE was waiting for a comeback of GOT7, it's been so long since the fandom had new music from its favorite band. And there were a lot of signals and spoilers, specially from BamBam who tends to spill the tea every now and then, so there was hope about the idol group taking the stage together once more.

It seems like we will forget about rumors and we're gonna talk about facts since GOT7's comeback is closer and BamBam told more about it, are you ready for the new music from GOT7?

GOT7's comeback is close, this is how BamBam revealed more about it

On a recent interview, BamBam from GOT7 revealed that the group's comeback is closer that we might think, if you remember, all of the members wet to Korea so it was a signal that maybe they were reuniting for something. And it's true, we will have new music from them soon. The idol said that GOT7 finnished the recording of their song(s) before the members went back to LA.

BamBam's mom was nervous about this interview, and maybe he's giving another spoiler without knowing, but it's something that makes AHGASE so happy.

When will GOT7's comeback be?

There's not a date for GOT7's comeback, so we must wait for it to be official, I mean, it's kinda official since BamBam is talking about it but they need to reveal more about the concept, dates, schedule and more, so we just have to wait a little more.

GOT7's comeback is near | Twitter: @kendratuna

We know that GOT7's new music will be just amazing, they've been preparing something really good for AHGASE since the fandom has been waiting long for it.

Keep reading more about GOT7 or listen to some of their songs that need to be on your playlist, do you have a favorite one? 

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