GOT7 next comeback soon GOT7 next comeback soon

GOT7 confirmed its new comeback for next month and AHGASE is ready

The long-awaited GOT7's comeback is almost here, the idol group is comfirmed to take the stages very soon

AHGASE has been waiting for GOT7 to come back since 2021, it's been more than a year since the boy band's latest release but we won't have to wait anymore since the group will have its comeback soon.

GOT7 is a seven member K-Pop group which is on its eight anniversary, when they had their 7th one, the idols decided to leave JYP Entertainment together. They never disbanded even if they got into some kind of hiatus.

During 2021 GOT7 members were focusing on their solo projects, music, brands and more but as solo artists. AHGASE dind't have a lot of hopes for a comeback of the group but the fandom kept supporting the idols on every release and plan they had.

Then, the rumors of a GOT7 comeback arised and BamBam was giving some spoilers for their fans. As the fanbase knows, this idol can't keep a secret, LOL, so AHGASE trusted in what he said.

And now it's confirmed, GOT7's comeback is closer than we think, it'll be released very soon and we can't wait for it.

GOT7's comeback is confirmed for May and we can't wait for it anymore

According to K-Media, it was confirmed that GOT7 will have its comeback on May, there's not exact date yet, but during next month, the idols will take the stage as a whole group once again and surprise fans with their music.

GOT7 will have its comeback in May | Twitter: @bamignoredme

We can't wait for this comeback, it's been a long time since the last one and AHGASE is pretty excited for this one.

Did GOT7 gave more spoilers before the confirmation of its comeback?

Before the confirmation of this comeback, GOT7 gave some spoilers for fans, since Yugyeom and BamBam were in the practice room waiting for JAY B.

BamBam and Yugyeom | Twitter: @jaebambum

So we just have to wait some time for GOT7's comeback, and we know that the group is going to release teasers and more for their new music.

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