'GOING SEVENTEEN' is working with MMGT for a special collab

The popular Youtube show MMGT will be releasing a special episode in collaboration with "GOING SEVENTEEN. Here's all the information.

The members of SEVENTEEN are not just super talented musicians, they have fun personalities as well. CARAT has an interesting theory: They could get a part time job as comedias if they want to.

Not too many K-Pop groups have two fandoms at the same time. There are CARAT (the fans of the music of the group) and CUBIC, the fanatics of the variety show of the group "GOING SEVENTEEN". It is really popular these days.

SEVENTEEN members and MMGT's host / By @BaksuSVTven

This show is coming to the next level, it will have a collab with another popular show. Do you want to know which one?

"GOING SEVENTEEN" & "MMGT" together in variety shows collab

On May 11th it was revealed the latest episode of "GOING SEVENTEEN". At the end of "Runner-Up Sports Day #2" the video announced that the show will be on a 2 weeks hiatus. The next episode will have a special collaboration.

'GOING SEVENTEEN' announcement / By @Mi_Ju17

Meanwhile, the MMGT Youtube channel dropped a preview of this show with SEVENTEEN as guest. In this clip we can see the host Jaejae and Seungkwan working together. Apparently, this episode will use the concept of classic Korean Tv show "Star King".

MMGT collab with SEVENTEEN / By @SVTColombia

Some of the members of SEVENTEEN appeared in this show more than a year ago. A few months later the full group attended as well. During this episode the artists came up with the idea of joining forces for a special program.

The chemistry of the K-Pop sensation and Jaejae is hilarious. At the moment, the latest episode of MMGT with SEVENTEEN has almost 6 million of views on Youtube. If you haven't watch the video you should do it now. It's pretty funny!

We have the best recommendation with the most hilarious episodes of "GOING SEVENTEEN". Be careful, you are going to laugh for hours.

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