G-Dragon bought an expensive car G-Dragon bought an expensive car

G-Dragon bought a very expensive new car, how much did his Bugatti Chiron cost?

A while ago G-Dragon bought a penthouse and now he also treated himself to a Bugatti Chiron car

G-Dragon shared with his fans new photos of his car that is really expensive, it's a Bugatti Chiron, do you know how much it cost?

G-Dragon is a legendary rapper in the K-Pop industry. He belongs to the idol group BIGBANG, one of the first to have explosive fame around the world. The best thing is that this band is still active and delighting a lot of fans who have been showing their love and support for him for a long time.

As well as being part of an idol group. G-Dragon also continued his career as a solo artist. The rapper was extremely successful with his own music individually. Furthermore, Kwon Jiyong has also become an entrepreneur and has his own businesses in fashion and even tourism with a hotel and a cafe.

This is why G-Dragon excels not only in music, but also as an entrepreneur who has been successful in his own businesses, collaborations, and ventures. There is much to admire about him and in fact a lot of idols see them as a great example to follow.

This time, G-Dragon impressed his fans as he purchased a new car that is extremely expensive, how much did his new purchase cost?

G-Dragon bought a $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron car, and he showed it off for his fans

Through Instagram, G-Dragon shared the photos of his new car. It's a Bugatti Chiron that cost him $2.5 million, OMG that's basically a lot of money. A lot were totally surprised by this new acquisition of the rapper. But also others were delighted that he showed it.

G-Dragon's new Bugatti Chiron | Twitter: @xx_sisa

This is the one and only car of this company in Korea and now is owned by G-Dragon, woah! How amazing is that? That's a lot of money.

G-Dragon also bought himself an expensive penthouse in March 2022

In March, G-Dragon also shocked fans with an amazing purchase, as this rapper and businessman had purchased one of the most expensive penthouses in Korea. This cost him around $13.1 million USD. The most impressive thing is that he paid this sum of money in cash. OMG.

G-Dragon also owns a very expensive penthouse | Twitter: @xxxiyuki

Woah! So that's the poewewr that G-Dragon holds, it's simply amazing, we love it! We know that he's got all of his money working hard and he deserves what he gets.

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